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Looking Back: I See Pump People.

This is clearly real, and not a Photoshop.

Pump spottings in the wild are some of my favorite moments. This post was originally published back in February of 2011, but I still stalk pump people these days.  ;)  

*   *   *

A few weeks ago, Chris and BSparl and I went out to dinner.  Dining out with our little bird is a bit of a tangled experience, and we don't spend as much time people watching as we used to because we're very preoccupied with the baby wrangling. 

That night, though, we were sitting and settled and throwing gluten-free puffs (yes, all of us) around the dinner table like confetti when I saw this woman walk in with her family.  She settled her family in at the table, and then reached to remove her coat, revealing a beeper clipped to her pocket.

Only it was one of them fancypants beepers with the tubes and the buttons and the accompanying not-making-insulin pancreas.  Reckon it was an insulin pump.

Immediately, I wanted to swing mine over my head like a lasso and say "OMG lady, me too!!!"  I've had this feeling before, of wanting to sidle up next to someone and say, "I like your pump; want to see my pump?" but to me that sounds more like an awkward attempt to flirt instead of a moment of diabetes bonding.  Living in a very comfortable bubble of diabetes advocacy makes me think that everyone who has a visible "symptom" of diabetes wants to talk about it.  I have to remind myself that some people just plain don't want to talk about it.

But since I still wanted to say something, I targeted Chris instead.  

"Dude, 12 o'clock.  Actually, my 12 o'clock, your six o'clock.  Minimed pump on that lady."  I said to Chris without moving my lips, as if a pump sighting was a covert Navy Seals operation.

"Six o'clock?  Okay, do you guys know one another?  And why are you whispering?" he whispered back.

(I love that because she and I both wear pumps, we must know one another.  I've brought him right into this bubble with me.)

"No, I don't know her.  I have no idea who she is.  But I just saw her pump."  I paused, still whispering.  "And I was like a toddler, wanting to wave my arms around and say 'Pump! Pump!'"

He laughed.  The waitress came over to bring our food, and the two of us were immediately distracted by keeping BSparl's grabby little hands away from the hot plates. We had a nice dinner, and I sort of forgot about the fellow Navy Seal at the other table.

... Until we were leaving the restaurant, when I saw her glance at my hip (where my Animas Ping was tucked away), nudge her husband, and give a little nod. 

In my head, she whispered, "Dude, four o'clock.  Animas Ping.  Hooyah!"

*   *   *


I do exactly the same thing, even though it's my daughter with the pump! She spots them, too, but has no impulse to go talk to them. I, on the other hand, am sure they want to show me their pump (not a euphamism!).

This made me literally LOL. I have totally done the same thing.... I've nudged my husband and quietly said, "LOOK he/she is wearing a pump!" It's like you instantly know the person. I usually wear my pump on my belt with a shirt hanging over it .. but I have been known to move it to my pocket so it's more visible or "accidentally" have my shirt tucked in behind it so it's more obvious ... as if I'm saying to this person I don't know "Look at ME -- I'm just like you!" (Pathetic, I know lol)

Love this post! I went to my first Type 1 support group meeting last week, at a restaurant. It was so amazing to approach the table and see people with their pumps out, chatting and sharing tips. Until then, I hadn't seen anyone with a pump. Although, I have a tubeless one and am not super familiar with what the others look like. I'll have to keep my eye out! :)

Ha - I love a good d-sighting. I always go on high alert. I've never had the guts to say anything. It seems like if we all notice each other and get excited about it, we should just go for it, no?

Ah I love it! I've never been one to go up to someone for fear they don't want to talk about it. But I'd love for someone to come to me! Maybe one day I'll have the courage to do so.

Ha! That is so funny and so true. I am always just bursting to talk to someone when I notice a pump, but I hardly ever do it.

I have been reading your blog for a while as a lurker (sorry :) but just wanted to tell you I love it! The way you describe living with T1 is exactly how I feel and always makes me laugh out loud at the computer screen. Thanks for sharing!

(T1 for the past 2 years, dx at 27, mom of 3)

Just after I was dx'd, I was at a restaurant and our waiter was wearing a pump. He was so pleased to be asked about it!

I appear to have no filter because I almost always mention something. And I wear my pump loud and proud on the outside of my pocket (and because girls pants pockets are super small, not functional at all) in case someone wants to say something to me. Maybe it's the advocate in me, but I will always stop and talk to someone about my diabetes!

I actually do this all the time.. when I'm out with my wife.. I'll see a pump and whisper to my wife "Look a minimed".. there have been a few times I've mentioned the pump to a person I saw out.. but not often.. I know I feel odd when someone calls me out... I don't want to be different all the time.. ;) but sometimes it's nice to see someone in the same boat..

I ran a JDRF support group at a playground one day. I soon noticed that all the little girls were surrounding a young boy.Then one of them walked up to him and lifted his shirt!
I knew right away what was happening... the girls had spotted an insulin pump!
They dragged the boy and his Mom over to meet their Moms and they have been a member of our group ever since!

I spotted a man taking a shot at a restuarant a while back and couldn't take my eyes off of him. I so wanted to go over and start a chat!
But if a waitress see that I have D and wants to chat with me each time she puts food in front of me - I hate it!

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