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From Abby: [D-Blog Week] Fantasy Diabetes Device.

Abby shoots from the hip (groan - terrible pun) this morning for D-Blog Week's "Fantasy Diabetes Device" prompt:

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So, here at SUM we don't use bullets ever (have you noticed I hate sarcasm?) so I thought I'd bang this one out (bang ... bullets ... see what I did there?) with a nice little list. This is what I"d like in a meter. I chose a meter because I really love my pump and have no requests to change it. My meter options, however, need improvement.

  • It needs to be color-customizable. I'm so sick of everything with any sort of options being black and silver. (sparkles are appreciated - always)
  • Sounds need to be optional - and also customizable
  • Accuracy - but that (should) go without saying
  • Beam results to my pump without draining my battery
  • Speaking of battery - rechargeable please?
  • Need to REQUIRE a tag (before meal, after exercise, other, etc.) I love this feature and I never use it because I forget to
  • Bolus me from my meter is required (c'mon Medtronic, catch up)
  • Beaming to a cloud would be nice. Any cloud, of any shape or category. [Editor's note: Cumulonimbus?]
  • A great, useful, color-coded, customizable printout for my doctor. Emphasis on the 'customizable,' because we don't all have the same goals.
  • A little "congrats" for doing 6 fasting BGs or 4 post-dinner BGs per week. Some positive re-enforcement from my meter would be really encouraging.
  • Oh, and handing out a $5 every time I check would be nice too :)

So - I'll keep choosing between these options because every meter has it's positives. I just want one that has all the good features. I'm sick of the company competition. Learn from each other people! (And add glitter!)

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Love the bullet point list, Abby the Person. The positive reinforcement with a $5 reward is awesome... now THAT would revolutionize the whole home-BG checking world!!

Bolus from your meter for medtronic, definitely!! And a little glitter won't hurt... :)

Oooh, can you add an emoticon, like a thumbs up for a certain range, and a "try again" or "you'll do better next time" for a high and maybe a "Yikes! Get some sugar baby!" for a low? Imagine how neat that would be for grandparents and little kids. Then I wouldn't get hysterical calls from grandma, "Liz is 80!!! Is that ok?!?!?"

I can't imagine that *most* of those would be that difficult to integrate into meters.

Love the list!

You can get skins for your meter, to add a little color... I got one with a yellow flower print for my normally boring blue Freestyle Lite. It does help cheer up the thing! (skinit.com)

I have the Bayer Contour USB meter and it does 4 of the things you're looking for. With an option on a 5th.

It will not process my test until I tell it before or after meal--or I have to click to choose not to mark it. One the test processes, you have the option of adding an additional note.

It is rechargeable. In fact, there isn't a replace-able battery in the thing. It charges either through a wall charger (that comes with the meter) or when you connect it to a computer.

Customizable goals--WOO HOO! You set them, and you can choose what reports print out when you want to print. They're color coded, you can choose from pie charts, bar graphs & I think something else. It uses GLUCOFACTS software, which is free and downloads to your computer the first time you plug the meter into it.

Sounds are optional. You also have the option of setting a reminder tone for 2 hours after a pre-meal test to remind you to check again after the meal. I should really use that more than I do.

The 5th? You can get a free, bright colored plastic skin for it from Bayer. The info is in the box with the meter. Mine's purple.

I can do without the required tagging. That's like forced logging. And I hate logging. (If my meter could Ping my Medtronic [nice bullet item there], it would know automatically: before a big carb bolus = before meal. Figure it out, you dumb machine).

A little light would be nice. Either that, or accept strips that are inserted upside down or backwards. And if I miss the strip altogether and put blood on the case in the middle of the night, that should be sufficient too, dontcha think?

Sure would be loverly!

And something I miss from my Freestyle meter- a LIGHT that shines on your test strip so you can test in the DARK! Seriously awesome feature. Otherwise, I love your list.

Hi Abby really thought your post was insightful. I was wondering if you could expand on the following: "A great, useful, color-coded, customizable printout for my doctor. Emphasis on the 'customizable,' because we don't all have the same goals." I was wondering, how might goals differ, and how might this result in different printout displays?

I actually think that rechargeable batteries for medical devices is a bad idea.

What about if I go backpacking for 2 weeks? Don't tell me to *just* charge everything up before I go. Batteries don't last that long. What happens when I move overseas for a couple of years? Will the charger be rated for another country or will I have to cart along not only an outlet converter but also a transformer? Those things are humongous.

While being able to use a battery that is rechargeable would be nice, requiring that a device that I require to live my life be plugged in is a HUGE downside. Sure, I'd like diabetes to be greener, but even more than that, I'd like diabetes to stay in it's place: along for the ride but not dictating the route.

It's gotta have a light...That way there is no need for the nightstand light, lighting up the whole bedroom at 2am...and so you can easily check bg in the movie theater! =D

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