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[D-Blog Week] One Thing to Improve.

Today's D-Blog Prompt:  "Yesterday we gave ourselves and our loved ones a big pat on the back for one thing we are great at.  Today let’s look at the flip-side.  We probably all have one thing we could try to do better.  Why not make today the day we start working on it.  No judgments, no scolding, just sharing one small thing we can improve so the DOC can cheer us on!"

I wish they would show the rest of this picture, by including the person who is tethered to that pump.  Hopefully eating ice cream, all nonchalant. Argh ... pick just one thing?  Diabetes makes us too self-deprecating, with all of the variables we "supposedly" have control over, and now I need to nail down just one little ol' thing to improve?


What needs to be worked on ebbs and flows in accordance with whatever my goals are at that time in my life.  Prior to becoming pregnant, I was all about fine-tuning my diabetes to nail down a solid and safe A1C for conception.  During pregnancy, I was a bonafide stalker and stalked the shit out of my blood sugars. 

But now, what I'm aiming to do is make the most of the tools I have available to me.  Namely the magical diabetes math machine that is my insulin pump. 

I wear an Animas Ping, and that little sucker comes with a lot of bells and whistles (hello, waterproof and can be worn in a swim-up bar in the Dominican Republic), but the main thing I need to use with more precision is the bolus calculator.  I have my insulin:carb ratios stored in my insulin pump, so my pump knows I need one unit of insulin to cover 11 grams of carbs.  My pump also knows that one unit of insulin brings me down about 55 mg/dL.  And it also knows how much insulin I have on board, it's good about keeping me from rage bolusing if I have that HULK SMASH desire to stack boluses when a high blood sugar is being super stubborn. 

But all of this information goes pfffffft if I don't actually make use of the bolus calculator tool.

I have a baaaaaad habit of using my brain to calculate meal boluses/correction doses, which is foolish because math is not my strong suit and my brain is mostly clogged with other, far less useful, stuff.  I have this device literally at my hip, and it's capable of doing so much of the thinking for me.  So why am I using this ... this fluffy gray matter between my ears?  Why am I not using this silver gizmo at my hip?

That's my one (of many) thing(s) to improve, and I'm going to try and start making that change today:  I'm going to let my insulin pump "do the math."  Because God knows I could use the freaking help.  ;)


[Animas disclosure]


Interesting - that's probably the ONE thing I DO do well. (lol) In fact the last time I went to the endo, they said "You don't ever override your wizard, do you?" I'd never thought about it but no I don't. I am not a fan of math .. so I let it do it's job.

I used to use the calculators all the time, but after looking up 1 cup of oatmeal 100 times I quit. Now I just eat pretty much the same thing and let my memory tell how to bolus, and the insulin on board function tells me how to do corrections. I've become complacent and my A1c shows it. Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, I'm GOOOOD at programming the ezCarb feature. I'm am SO GOOD at that.

Unfortunately, far too often, I see the recommended dose, and feel that *I* know better, so I program what *I* think is right...and then I usually end up wrong.


There's always the next bolus.

I find it interesting that the adults on the pump including a few local friends go the hard route and calculate what they think they should get insulin wise. Where from a parents perspective we religiously do exactly what the pump says to learn where changes in ratios, basal and correction factors need to be adjusted. I suppose that kids are ever changing and so we need to keep up with those changes differently then adults. This is a great thing that you want to improve on and wish you the best of luck with this! Thank you for such a great post!

I loved reading the comments because as a mom of two with T1D, I rarely (if ever) do the math. I might give a quick glance to make sure we aren't accidently bolusing 50 units at once, but beyond that, I live by the motto, "In the Pump, we trust!"

It's so hard to go so many years doing diabetes one way, and then trying to rely on technology. I am the same way with carb counting. I went so long with just guessing and estimating I never use the tools to count correctly. Old dog new tricks or something like that right?

is this "truth or dare" time??
would have to be going overboard on the carb ship sometimes, and not bolusing quite enough to cover it......

Does the Animas have a blous wizard like the Minimed? I've been a pumper for 5 years and I've never used the manual bolus. Does that make me dumb? :) jk

One of the things I look forward to when I do finally get a pump is having some of these tools at "my hip". I will remind myself of this post at that time!

I've been using a pump for almost 17 years, currently an Animas Ping, and have a BS in electrical engineering. I let the Ping tell me how much to bolus, because I'm the one who set up the constants in the bolus calculator. I think "wizard" is Medtronic's name, not Animas', so I avoid it.

Funny, I was thinking just this morning how very much I appreciate the Ping for doing all the math for me. Try it, you might like it!

Just one thing?!?! I'm with you, Kerri... pfft. On to the next bolus.

I don't suffer from diabetes, I suffer from lousy math skills! thank goodness for my pump bolus calculator :)

Hulk Smash. Popular sentiment this week in terms of managing pump data. Sounds like the DOC may benefit if we all start a flower garden :)

I have always used the calculator! I mean, I took calculus, I am good at math, but if someone (something) else has offered to do the work for me - be my guest!

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