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Sigh ... I ate it.During a few of the presentations I've given, I've told The Cupcake Story, which happened when I was around 9 years old.  But I've never blogged The Cupcake Story (TCS?).  (Mostly because the title itself has too many capital letters and it's exhausting to keep hitting the damn shift key.  Or maybe because I still feel guilty about it ... I think it's the guilt.)  I've finally come clean about TCS ... only I'm hiding it over on Animas

“What is your blood sugar, Kerri?”

I didn’t want to look at her, because I knew she’d be mad. She wasn’t asking because she wanted to know, but because she already knew.

“Muhmm meigh meh,” I replied, keeping my eyes down in defiance.

“Say again, please?” I didn’t need to look at her to know that her hands were on her hips and her eyes were sharp with daggers.

“Two eighty five.”

The rest of TCS is on Life, Uninterrupted ... but I'm leaving the cupcake photo here.  ;)


This reminds me of something my daughter charlize did when she was in kindergarten. It was snack time and they where having cookies. The process was she check her blood sugar, eat her snack then go to the nurse for her insulin. Each student got 1 cookie. When she was done eating, she took her little postit note down to the nurse and handed it to her. ON the note it read 22 carbs for 1 cookie, As the nurse started in enter the numbers in her pump. my daughter chimed in that the note was wrong... YUP WRONG. She proceeded to tell the nurse she had 2 cookies not just one. So the nurse called down to the teacher to see what was going on. the teacher also had no clue. my daughter informed both of them she ate 2 cookies because she convinced a little boy he did not want his cookie and he wanted to give it to her. So he did :)

I've definitely done this more than once or twice (& I wasn't diagnosed until I was 17). Sometimes you deal with things by pretending they aren't a problem, regardless of the consequences. Now, I bolus for cupcakes (but I still eat them!!)

Even for just 5 minutes... awesome story!

Haha, I did that when I was younger too!!

before my type 1 diagnosis in 1972, my nickname was "Cookie" because I guess it was one of the first words I said..........
some things never change !
( at least it wasn't "Cupcake"...........=)

It was the bag of M&M's that called my name. My mom and I had a very similar conversation!

I am the Olympic champion of slivering off pieces from a cut cake, so you can't even tell any was taken out. For a few years, I used to also blame my younger brother until he started talking. It's too bad we can't admit it because the food police(or me!) make us feel guilty. I have thought if there every is a cure, of all the stuff I would be able to eat in one day- and I would like to run a marathon with a working pancreas. Probably not right after I ate everything on my wishlist though...

sometimes a little kid just has to eat cupcakes!

yup, have done this a couple of times...(diagnosed at the age of 18- teenage/young adult years, not such a good thing...) It's a lovely thought thinking for that little bit of time that there is no such thing as diabetes & it plays no role in your life, that is until it knocks your world for a loop. Causing you tooo make correction boluses to fix the evil but delish cupcake!!! (so yes now I accept everything I choose to consume, even the smallest error can wreak havioc....)

as the mom of a 10 year old dx with D as a toddler, I'm pretty sure all D-kids have done this. ;)

Honey, I still do the "For 5 minutes I will pretend diabetes doesn't exist" & I'll be 44 next month. It will also be my 21st Diaversary. Trust me when I say the guilt lasts far longer than the elevated blood sugar OR the consequences of it. :)

My story of sneaking food involves head-butting a kid.

Also, I stopped at the pharmacy this morning for a Diet Pepsi and the Hostess cupcakes were calling my name (I was barely able to resist!)

This is one of those posts that really shows how Type 1 can be a totally different experience for those diagnosed as children versus those of us diagnosed as adults.

I was diagnosed in my early 20's and my mother was never part of my diabetes care. I can eat horrible things and become mired in guilt, but at least I've never had to hide anything from anyone especially my mother.

That's a heavy burden for a little kid to have to bear. Diabetes is a disease full of guilt anyway without having to worry about letting down your parents.

And what's worst of all is that cupcakes are just so darn good and they just keep calling our name.

Joe and Bridget each ate a whole pack of Starbursts when Joe was like 4. Without telling me. His blood sugar was like 515...there was also a ginger-snap incident....OY!

That cupcake looks yummy. Time to grab me a Sugar Free Dove Chocolate.

My incident involved a snickers bar at a high school basketball game - the night before my endo appointment. And there was no pump or even blood sugar reading to know the consequences - just +4. Oh, the guilt!! 30 years later I still remember clearly.. My mom made me run around the house multiple times to bring it down!

I really, truly hope that I remember the last line of your story when my 9 yr old dd does something similar... You all deserve much longer than 5 minutes....

aw kerri. i've told L that i know all kids try to sneak food (even non-D kids, if they want something before dinner or whatever). i tell her she needs to cover for it, even if she doesn't tell us she's eating it. but after reading your post, it seems that would defeat the purpose of the whole "just for 5 mins" thing. sigh.

I am having food struggles with my 7 year old now - unexplained highs and apparant snacking without asking or dosing. Ours is more difficult now because the sneaking doesn't always appear to be gluten-free, and with her celiac, that is a real problem. I'm the same as your mom - its not about the sneaking (which I don't like but get), its the not treating, it the eating food she know she can't have, and its the lying about it when asked directly. I don't have the asnwers to our struggles yet except to "tomato stake" her to me more so that she doesn't have the opportunities to get food when she's not dosing or eating food she shouldn't

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