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Totally Looks Like ...

Sometimes my CGM graph totally looks like ...

Arby's Hat.  Yup.

... an Arby's hat.  

Holla at your Arby's hat.  Yo. 

(Arby's) hat tip to Totally Looks Like ...


Hey, that's where I went for lunch! LOL


or a bundle branch block. that's what i think of every time. #nerdalert

Very cute. Good eye spy...


It's good mood fooooooood (now I'll have that stuck in my head the rest of the day)

kinda like an etch-a-sketch.


Awww, I hate highs... but wish I had a cgm to watch the numbers... I dont have a dexcom and I am getting my first pump soon :)

I loved that. My Dexcom was a flat line for almost a whole day. I seriously thought it was broken! Now it looks like a heart monitor. Well, at least I know it works. But Arby's? That's just awesome.


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