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Guest Post: Briley Gets Her Gala On.

Briley blogs at inDpendence, but today she's guest posting here about participating in Boston's Young Leadership Committee (which is truncated to YLC, but I keep reading it at "Your Lucky Cat."  So ... meow.)  There's a gala coming up, and as a New England local and a diehard Boston Red Sox fan, it's only right that I help her spread the word.

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Ms. Briley

When I was in high school or early college, I used to volunteer for the JDRF Gala in New Hampshire.  When I moved to Boston, I thought it'd be fun to go or to volunteer.  I did my clickity-click thing on the computer and gauged my eyes out when I saw the price per person was somewhere around $400.  No problem - I'd just volunteer.  Except that filled up too quickly as well.  When May (and the gala) rolled around, I sat there thinking of heels and fancy dresses, while I presumably was in pajamas on the couch. 

This year I won't be thinking of those heels though; I'll be wearing them.  The Bay State JDRF has recognized that there is a whole contingent of society that has been left out.  This contingent is the same group that they are trying to reach out to lately: young adults with type 1 diabetes.  I have greatly benefited from this branching out because of group called YLC. It's a fundraising group with big events, walk teams and socials for support. If you're between the ages of 21-35, you should come join me.  The group is fantastic (and the people are even better). This year, there is going to be a  Gala After Party, and those of us from the YLC would LOVE to meet you!  The JDRF 30th Annual Hearts & Heroes Gala will take place just as it always has.  Towards the end of the night (at 9PM), the after party will start.  It will begin with socializing around the dessert bar & open bar for one hour.  The band will start at 10 in the ballroom, where the diehards from the gala will be.  A night of fun and socializing will continue until midnight.  

If you'd like to join us, you can find out all the information here.  Tickets are $65 before April 30 and $75 at the door.  If you want to talk to others who are going, join the event on Facebook!  I am excited to attend this event (the decision of what to wear has been taking up a lot of space in my brain), and I hope to see you there as well!  (And tell all of your friends to join you!)

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If you're looking to get the word out about a diabetes advocacy event or meet-up, check out the events page at TuDiabetes.  There's plenty going on in our greater community; the more, the merrier!! 


This sounds like a great event! I'll be there!

Briley, thanks so much for your post about your experience with the Boston YLC. I am the National Chair of the YLC. If anyone in other cities is looking to get involved with YLC check out www.jdrf.org/ylc or email us at YLC@jdrf.org



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