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Bullets and Elmo Cupcakes.

Oh no ... more bullets?  

  • We're in the midst of wrangling details for Birdy's second birthday party, and it's, thankfully, less chaotic than last year.  The party is shaping up to be smaller and more relaxed, and all the crap we bought for last year's party is still useable this year.  Which is good.
  • Only Chris herniated two discs in his back while saving a 400 lb basket of kittens from a fiery inferno getting rid of some furniture, so he's trying to recover while I'm fretting about Elmo cupcakes.
  • Because yeah, we're making three dozen Elmo cupcakes.  And by "we," I mean "me." And by "Elmo cupcakes," I mean "a bunch of red food coloring mushed into frosting that is strategically arranged onto cupcakes in hopes of resembling a face."
  • That should be fun.
  • I haven't updated my blood sugar logs in over a week, which sucks because it only takes missing a day or two for me to fall off the wagon.  I need to get back on that today in order to stay on top of things.
  • With "on top of things" being a bit of a stretch, since I've seen some lingering 200's in the last few days that I could do without.
  • It doesn't help that my skin is freaking out from diabetes devices these days. Every Dexcom sensor is leaving a red ring, and infusion sets are taking a day or two extra to heal once they're pulled. This happens every season for me, when the weather either starts to cool down or warm up, and it's irritating.  My diabetes real estate is worn out.
  • Eh.  Keep moving forward, I guess.
  • I had the best dream I've ever had, about these teeny little elephants that had invaded my flower garden and were struggling to climb over the mulch, letting out these high-pitched grunts and adorable burps as they struggled.  (Burping elephants = cute overload.  But an elephant with a head cold would be the worst.)  I woke up in the middle of the dream, tested my blood sugar (because surely tiny elephants means a low blood glucose but no, I was 119 mg/dL), and was thrilled to fall back asleep and slip back into the same dream.  I want to find an illustrator who can crawl into my brain and pull these wee burping critters out by their trunks.  They're ultimo-squee for me.
  • And I'm trying to figure out the best things to do/see while I'm in London at the end of the month for a Pharma Times Digital Club meeting.  I've never been to London, and the most I've seen has been the airport (which apparently makes me low - it's like the Target of traveling). Any suggestions as to what to check out while I'm there?
  • If you know me, musically, you know I'll listen to the same song, over and over again, until it's just about inked onto my skin (except the lyrics are always wrong).  This week, it's the few tunes out from Channel Cairo that are on repeat.  If theses songs were on a tape, I'd have listened to them so much that the A side and the B side could be heard simultaneously, with the tape worn so thin.  Underrated Grace makes me all sorts of happy.
  • Birdy has taken to pretending to be a "doctor" for a stuffed animal cat.  This morning, I caught her trying to stick a Lego to it.  "Puuuump for kitty, Mama."  She's learning.
  • But then I caught her filing a bucket with Legos and then pouring the bucket onto her head.  So there's that.
  • I just need to keep calm and do a blood test.  ;)


Best Bullets ever!

You don't know how hard I just started laughing because of you and your daughter. Your bullets are awesome, if there is such a thing as awesome bullets.

I can't believe birdy is almost two years old already!

Our oldest really wanted a baby doll at that age. What does she want for her b-day?

Tiny burping elephants struggling to climb over mulch? Amazing. I need to know what you ate before bed so I can get these cute overload dreams!

You can drive to Stonehenge. My wife spent 6 hours in Harrods Dept store

You can always hire The Hammer Pastry Chef for your next event.

Have you ever heard about dream controlling?
I did a sleep study and they gave me some insight as to how to control and come up with your own dreams of your choice.
I am still working on it but have had some luck.
But the BG defiantly plays a huge role in dream states.

Happy B-Day to the Birdster!!!

For those who where wondering, yes that is a Mustache and Beard Smiley face.

BEST bullets! Love the dream one, I do that too... "Surely, after dreaming about *something really weird* BG is low?" Meter: "Nope, you're just that messed up!"

And love, love LOVE the Etsy link! Must get myself one of those!

As for London... Wow, how much time have you got? Shopping, museums, restaurants, theatres & musicals, pubs...! :)

Oh no, two herniated disks?? Poor Chris! :(

And also, we will see Elmo cupcake pictures, right? I know they will be adorable!!

First thing I would do in London is jump on one of those big red open top tour buses - they will take you past everything to see in London giving you a commentary on the way.
You can just hop on and off as you wish - I did a full circuit first to get an idea of what to do then went to a few of the things that interested me (I only had 8 hours in London)

Hmmm, no bullets for comments?
*we need pics of the cupcakes
*hope Chris is up and about very soon
*have a wonderful time in London
*I hope I don't dream about elephants tonight

Happy Birthday Birdy!!!!! And the cupcakes sound adorable, and have fun in London! (I kinda wish I had your life today haha)

Your blog is really great, actually it's so awesome that I had to make a blog too :) It's at makingdiabetescute.blogspot.com for anyone that reads comments can you give me feedback?

london=awesome! i'd LOVE to go back someday! the london eye is totally worth it if you can make the time. and westminster abbey and st. paul's are incredible. if i could go back, i'd try to hit more museums.

also, i just had to open iphoto and look at pics to remember what i did in london. it was 7 years ago. which makes me feel old.

hope chris is feeling better soon!

I'm sure you're already planning on visiting Platform 9 3/4 (I think I still have a photo somewhere on my facebook)

You could visit Big Ben and Parliament (unfortunately NOT the funkadelic variety) and keep saying, "Hey look kids -- Big Ben! Parliament!" (unfortunately my travel partners had never seen European Vacation, so they thought I was even more buckets of crazy than usual)

Once again we're traveling to the same place, a few weeks apart. I'll be in London for a few days in late May.

LONDON - definitely do a big red bus tour! Like someone else commented, it's great for hopping on, you see all the major sites around the city, and then you can hop off wherever you want to spend more time at each stop.

If you have limited time a Bus tour is a great way of seeing a lot of the London landmarks. A bit more time - the London Eye and coffee at Bar Italia in Soho - http://www.baritaliasoho.co.uk/

Yes! The Hammer answered my question!!!

Oh and you need a picture in front of Big Ben while looking at your watch.

No, just me?

I also have a picture in front of Norte Dame wearing my backpack like the hunchback and in my best "thinking" pose in front of The Thinker in case you were wondering.

hey dude! love the bullets!

you can go here and describe your dream and maybe this really rad animator guy will draw it for you! (though your description was entertaining as is.)


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