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Next month, you'll be turning two, but I'm engaging in some really thorough denial at the moment, so let's just focus on the fact that you're twenty-three months.

You're doing things that other parents smile and say, "Oh, that's great; I remember when my kid did that," and I want to grab their hand and say, "Yeah, but was it this AMAZING?!" I'm in that kind of smitten phase with you, where you pour out a bowl of oatmeal on your highchair tray table and the mess is incredible but instead of wanting to launch you to the moon, I'm all, "Awwww." I know this response of mine will pass, so I'm embracing it for now.

It seems like you're giving some thought to your future.  You have a high interest in all things musical, from pulling the pots and pans out of the cupboard and "Mama, drums?" for twenty minutes at a time to dancing spontaneously in any setting (store, restaurant, bathroom, carseat, crib). And your musical preferences range from knowing all the "words" to Grouplove's Colours (which you call "the man, man" song) to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Maps (where you blurt out all the "WAIT!"s).  Anything by the Beastie Boys and Jay-Z still makes you boogie, but you're expanding to Leonard Cohen and Gomez, which makes your mama so, so happy.

Drumming along to the Man, Man song.

If music doesn't end up being your thing, there's a screamingly analytical portion of your little self that continues to impress me.  You arrange puzzle pieces by color, and you like to group crayons into groups by hue. LEGOs are stacked with precision, and when you play with blocks, you can build towers that are seven or eight blocks high with a steady hand. (Kid, that impresses me because I can't put eyeliner on without going rogue; well done!!) You like numbers a lot (how?) and you can count to twenty with a few small journeys (where "five" is often replaced by "couch" and "thirteen" sounds exactly like "Christina").


Or maybe you'll be an artist.  You love to color.  And paint.  And cover ever surface of our home with stickers.  (You even covered your dad, almost head-to-toe, with smiley face stickers.  He looked like a Monet.) The outfits you construct for yourself amaze me with their varying patterns and insane color schemes.  When you're outside, you arrange sticks and leaves into little patterns and then you grab my hand to pull me closer to "Show my Mama!"  You love to get your hands dirty and play hard, messily, and then strategically come in for a hug when I'm wearing a white shirt.  ;)

Artist Bird

Next month, you'll turn two, and I'll be encouraged to stop counting your age in months. You are getting so big and so smart and so ... so like a "real kid" instead of "my little baby." I love who you are becoming, and how fast you're growing. You are my whole world.

Secretly, in my head, I'll keep that monthly tally. It doesn't matter if you're 23 months or 230 months; you'll always be my little girl.



Do you tell her, "They don't love you like I love you"? :)

I went back an looked at BSparl by Dummies. This comment for toddlers jumped out at me:

"toddlers actually "toddle" for about a day. Then they become "runners".

"On the positive side, they usually are running to you, at full speed, to give hugs. toddlers love to give hugs and kisses. It's my favorite age."

No point in rushing past the good stuff.


The feeling may not pass. I’m pretty sure I’m still in that “everything she does is amazing!” phase with my daughter, and she’s nearly 150 months old now. Enjoy this magical time, they really do grow fast!

Aww!!! She's getting big so fast!!
Keep counting the months. I know I will for BabyK.

Number? Maybe she'll be an engineer! ;-)

Just wait until she reads. With both my girls, when they started, I felt like they'd broken some amazing code that NO OTHER PERSON ON EARTH had ever broken! :-) enjoy every moment. As hard as this may be to believe -- the best is even still ahead of you! Being a mom is just the best.

awwww... she is pretty amazing!!! I'm sure you'll thropw her a kick-ass 2nd birthday party, too.

I'm throwing my little guy a 3rd birthday party next week. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by! (he's 35 months... until next week ;) haha)

My daughter is 24 (years) now but I remember how she used to love to draw with sticks on the front porch. I took so many photos of her creations. They're all a memory now.

I love that your write these letters every month. I have tried, but they are more like quarterly letters to ReeRee.

Isn't it amazing that at 230 months, they will be 19 years old, graduated high school (I hope), started college (I hope), so many other things. They are a tenth of the way done until they leave our homes. sniff, sniff.

That was lovely Kerri. I've been following her life since you were pregnant. Thanks for sharing her. And HAPPY 23rd Birdy!

I've been enjoying your posts for some time now, and there's one question I have to ask:

Do you really call her "Birdzone"? to her face?

I figured that's just a name used on the blog to protect her innocent identity, but it really seems to fit her nature: free-sprited and always in flight. (Now I've got Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird" in my head!)

Honey - she looks more than two! You are doing such a fab job as a mommy. Birdy is so fantabulous. I look forward to hearing the updates. XXX

As you will soon learn, there's a big difference between 24 months and "two-and-a-half" or "three".

But, no matter, the month...you will stand in constant awe of the amazing things she will do.

Enjoy these precious days.

Because "three" is a BIATCH!

I'll be 44 in June & my Mommy still thinks I'm the funniest, smartest, prettiest, & most amazing girl on the planet. Apparently you don't loose that. Also, I've still been known to call her & say, "Mommy, guess what I did today!" as if I'm 5. And she still answers, "What wonderful things did you do today, baby?" Never. Gets. Old. :)

Happy 23rd Month, Birdy!!!

Whoa. You gotta get the Bird a couple of vintage Dylan albums. Then she can rock in a respectable manner......

I counted my oldest daughter's age in months til she was 39 months. When she was four, we started having her say her age with fractions (mixed numbers) so 4 1/12, 4 1/6, 4 1/4, etc. Celebrate her age and count it however you want.

My mother threw a party when I turned 100 months.

Perhaps your musical Birdy will grow up to play the greatest, most perfect, most amazingly awesome musical instrument ever invented: the cello.

oh pleeeease tell me you are videotaping her singing along to those songs. PLEASE.

happy 23rd bzone!

My daughter just turned 192 months but who's counting?? Your kids are adorable!!

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