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Twenty Two.


You've left "being a baby" in the dust, kid.  You are officially "a kid."  And I know this because when you see little babies, you tilt your head to one side and coo at them.  "Ooooh, baby!!"  Like you know they're something different from what you are, which is "giant kid with fluffy ponytail."

I thought I'd miss "Baby Bird," but I am so in love with this "Big Bird."  (Sidenote:  You call Big Bird on Sesame Street "Bob." So when you see Big Bird, you gesture casually with your hand to greet him.  "Hey, Bob."  I don't have the heart to correct you, because I'm too busy laughing.)  Now that you're more verbal, I finally get to spy on what's going on in your head. 

My big Bird at 22 months old.

You can tell us what you want for breakfast.  "Faffles?  Milk?  Booberries?"  (Translation:  Waffles, milk, and blueberries.)  You fill us in on where you'd like to go.  "Jacket?  Car?  Aunties house?"  You are vocal about what you'd like to wear.  "Elmo shirt? Pants?  Socks? Black shoes, Mama?" 

Opinions, kid:  you have them.

This past month, we've has some really crummy firsts.  Like your first rotten, snarfling cold, complete with horrible moments of foraging in your nose for rogue boogers.  (My worst nightmare.)  And your first molars, followed by the rest of your molars and a few other teeth thrown in just to make your week suck more.  And then we had Pukefest 2012, where you had your first true plague, your first visit to the emergency room, and your first 72 hours spent laying on the couch.  I know these firsts were coming, regardless, but I'm so sorry you had to deal with them all in the same month.  It's been a rough go.

But you've bounced back.  You're back to your sunny, lovely self, wearing your boots and your cupcake pajamas and back on the horse.  Literally.  (I just wish you wouldn't text while trotting.) 

Musically, you're all over the map, singing along with Coldplay, Noel Gallagher, the Elmo's World theme song, Beastie Boys, and some Radiohead.  Watching you bop along to the music makes me so happy, because you've thankfully inherited your dad's rhythm - mama has none to spare.  Your favorite books are the Richard Scarry ones, and you love pointing out all the nouns you know.  (You just don't know what a "noun" is, just yet.  But the worm driving the apple makes you giggle, which warms my heart.) You also are a mini-practical joker, Birdface. Like when I went into the bathroom one morning last week and saw this doll staring back at me, all creepy.  Not cool, kid.  Mommy doesn't like creepy dolls. Stop scaring Mommy.

My love for you grows every single day (even on the days when "No!" is the most used word in your growing vocabulary).  Your smile makes my world bigger, my big Bird. 

Keep doing what you're doing.



How does that kid's hair always look so good? My kids need some serious lessons...
And, I love every single one of these posts you do as she grows into her months...I marvel at your ability to capture babyhood. These days are so easy to forget, and you will have these descriptions to last your lifetime.

Your kid is so unbelievably cute. Especially on video :]. So happy you're taking the time to document each month -- for you and Chris, for her, and for sharing with us.
(Also I totally want faffles now).

absolutely adorable!

Wow that was cute. My daughter will be 22-years-old this July. This brings back sweet memories. She called waffles awfuls, which got pretty funny in restaurants. She would tell the waitress, "Awful peas."

Too sweet, in a good way! Our kids grow up too fast and I wish I had this kind of documentation to help my swiss cheese brain remember all those golden moments. What a lovely young lady she is becoming!

Heh. This just made me giggle so much. Such a cute Bird!

She very well may be the cutest kid ever. :)

I too now want faffles, but I'd like to have faffles with you & Birdy. So how's about you two (or three, bring Chris) hop on down to Dallas & we'll go to the Original Pancake House. Google it. You'll thank me. :D

that video made my heart burst with happiness.

(not literally)

22 is my fave number. happy 22.

Dear Kerri: I (the IDDM/Pump/CGM user in the family) have been a fan for a long time; but since the arrival of your most darling daughter, my wife and two daughters [TrialNet tested every year (so far antibody negative!) till now because they have reached ages 18 and 17 and will leave the study -- but they are joining your world. Hannah is a first year at Brown (she so loves Providence and spends lots of time volunteering in the community) and Sophie will join her there in the fall] have become fans too and we all adore your pictures and videos of her. For Sally and me, the pictures/videos make us pine for when our daughters were sitting in their high chairs just so. I am writing today to say again, thank you for sharing and as a father who faces the empty nest in September to offer the advice to embed these moments in amber!
Best regards,
David Duncan

a..stinking..dorable. And don't let anyone tell you anything about terrible 2s. They were my favorite time! Absolutely so much fun at that age. (4's..that's another story)

She is ADORABLE!!! :)

Absolutely love this post, Kerri. I read it while sitting and waiting for an appointment to begin earlier, and it made me laugh and smile in the waiting room. Great stuff, indeed!

Awww, all your heartfelt Birdie moments bring tears to my eyes...I'm watching my own little girl (almost 11 months old now!) growing and I feel so many of the same things I have already seen you comment about. This love for our offspring is something seriously deep. So overjoyed we get to experience it, diabetes be darned!

At that age, Benny loved Mickey Mouse.. and he called him Bubba. ? We're from NY but moved south - my family loved that! (Bubba, meet Bob. Bob, Bubba).

Oh Kerry! You have no idea what is ahead. Her vocabulary will take off this next year and by her birthday next year she will be expressing abstract thoughts. I thought this was the most amazing thing when my kids went through it. Now I watch for it in my grandchildren.

You and Big "Bob" want to make me work even harder to start our own "nest." And now I put away the cookie. It's possible right..? I see your beautiful little bird and know it is possible.

Kerri, she is so adorable. I don't know how you can resist doing it all again, but I don't know how hard it was ... anyway, my 16 yr old t1 has recurrent pinworms. YUCK. Our endo says they love sugar so mess up the medicine. Have you ever heard of this?

So darling and adorable. Love the baby talk... faffles.... How I miss those days and long for a grandchild someday so I can relive this time. Enjoy her.

It's fun to actually see her in action! And you're right -- she doesn't look like a baby any more. I'm SO glad you are able to make videos of her -- I wish I had been able to do that when my now 38-year-old son was little. Thanks for giving me the vicarious experience of enjoying her! :-)

Kerri, your kid is so doggone cute I can barely handle it! I don't know how you get anything down when you have her around, her adorable-ness is too much!

just too dang cute!!

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