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S#@t Diabetics Say.

The original "Sh!t Girls Say" videos make me laugh, because I unfortunately find myself saying things like "That poor dog needs some water" kind of often. (But they always look thirsty!) Since the SGS videos have busted out, I've seen lots of imitators pop up and do their thing (I'd link to them, but some are sassy and I've already titled this post with a curse word. Keepin' it clean in 2012, damnit.)

What also made me laugh was Marcus Grimm's take on this, from a PWD point of view.  Here is Marcus's video (and here is Marcus's blog, Sweet Victory - read him; he's awesome):

(For me, I'd also have to add, "I need juice," and "I promise not to blog this.") 


LOL w/ coffee!!

A favorite in our house, "I'm checking my BS level." ;-)

For some reason the "there were cookies here yesterday" one cracked me up good! This was pretty darn funny.

As I commented over on his vlog post: I've said all of those things, and absolutely love this video!

Omg this was hilarious! I loved it! I always walk around my house going where's my pricked or looking for cookies when Im low! Soooo funny!! Love it, love it, love it!

"I've been high all day!" Very true!

OMG, Kerri, this is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

Ha! I loved this video. My face is "I don't want smarties I want something good!" Well done Marcus!

Loved this! I think my husband will get even more of a laugh out of it

I love this. :-)

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