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Rent the Runway: Diabetes-Style!

Click this photo, and then LIKE this photo on Facebook!My friend Delaine is amazing.  She's a type 1 diabetic, a trapeze artist, a certified diabetes educator, and a fellow Rhode Islander.  And she's also married to the police officer who brought me sugar-free candy on Halloween one year.  (Best.  Halloween.  Ever.) 

Delaine decked herself out properly for New Year's Eve this year, and as part of that, she rented a dress from Rent the Runway.  And now she's part of a little contest from RTR, where the photo with the most Facebook "likes" wins.  ("Wins" what, we aren't sure.  There actually isn't a prize, as far as we know.  This is just for bragging rights.)

But dude ... she's hiding an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor underneath those shiny blue sequins. 

Delaine said:  "I removed the clip from my pump and simply tucked it again my skin and inside a pair of lycra workout shorts. It is just inside my right hip in that photo and stayed there without issue through a fantastic evening of dining/dancing and fun as I rung in 2012."

THAT alone is worth bragging about, because she's healthy, she's safe, and she looks like a million bucks!

So if you could please click that photo over there, or THIS LINK, it will bring you over to Facebook, where you can LIKE the photo and help earn Delaine some well-deserved bragging rights.  She's marking her 29th year with type 1 diabetes in 2012, and I think that's worth celebrating the hell out of.

Go get 'em, Delaine!! 


WOW! Gorgeous!

Go Delaine! (Delaine was the first PWD I met after my diagnosis, when I was 16. She was/is really inspiring to me!)

and Officer Mark isn't too shabby either!!!!!!! Love, love, love it when PWD do such amazingly normal things!!

That dress is amazing!!

This photo makes me happy! :) Love the BLUE dress...that reminds me, I need to get me some blue heels so I can represent, too!

Now that is a power couple, I don't know where we would be without Delaine and Officer Mark (I love calling him that). but kerri you forgot to mention that Office Mark also taught us to say NO to Drugs haha to me he will always be my DARE officer!

Kerri, I have know Mark for 20 years now. He has always been a standup guy and one of my favorite people. (I'm from Westerly) too.
I facebooked Mark to let him know you posted this.

I don't have diabetes but love your blog, very informative and funny.

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