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PWDs in the Wild.

There's nothing sweeter (pun oh-so-intended) than be able to introduce my daughter to my extended DOC family. 

We love the Simmons...es...es

The amazing Simmons family and me and the Bird.  (Chris served as our photographer, but he was also wearing blue.  Sparlings travel in a color-coordinated pack.)

Random gathering of PWD on the rooftop bar of the London Hotel

And in a random, luck-of-the-Twitter turn of events, I ended up having the pleasure of meeting a few local PWDs (Clarke and Nicole and Brianna), and while we were on the rooftop restaurant, we spied another pump in our midst, belonging to Mike Fisher.  (Actually, Birdy spied it when she and I were doing a hand-in-hand lap around the tables.  "Pump, Mama," she announced casually.  So of course we had to say hi.) 

Thanks for spending some time with the littlest Sparling, you guys!  And for hanging out with me, too.  :)


It was so great seeing all y'all.

Love when crazy things like that happen :)

Yay to D-reunions, and meeting new and old friends! Awesome photos - and great pump-spotting eye on BSparl there!


WOAH, the bird is getting TALL!

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