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Not Too Shabby.

Not too shabby ... for January.
Not too shabby ... for January.

(Birdy loves the water.  Loves, loves, loves.  And I'm grateful that my pump is waterproof, because it leapt out of my pocket more than once while we were playing in there.)


There it is the reason I want an animas! Enjoy Cali!

Love the pic!!!!! She is def a water baby!!!!!!

Beautiful picture!

So much fun!

Awesome picture! But I know for a FACT that California water is colder than Florida water this time of year! ;)

Kelli, you and Birdie sure are making precious memories!

Thank goodness for that waterproof feature. It has saved me more than once, as I like the water too!

so sweet! :)

I just love the posture of a half-baby, half-toddler...cute pic.

Missed seeing you guys in Ft. Lauderdale. Love the picture! She is growing so fast!

Awesome!! Hope you guys are enjoying California and the weather. :-) My weather app said it was going to be 76 as a high to day (near Orange County beaches). Yesterday felt like a beach day!
Many happy insulin wishes to you guys!

FYI it was 10 degrees here this morning. Even looking at that picture is physically painful.

Much better than being on the East Coast - I think you took our warm weather with you to California!

She's a Birdie after my own heart. There is nothing in the universe that can soothe me like the sound of the ocean. I miss being less than an hour from the beach.

Reading your blog daily makes a positive difference in my life. When you so openly share your Type 1 challenges and triumphs, I don't feel so alone. Then I have a little talk with myself to say "You can do better too" or "You're doing pretty well, after all!"
Thanks! And please keep on blogging :-D

This picture shows that you are well on your way to keeping your resolution :)

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