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Conversations in the Dressing Room.

I pulled my pump out of the pocket of my jeans and clipped it to the neck of my shirt while I tried on pants in the dressing room.  The shirt collar drooped a bit from the weight of the pump.

"Pump, mama?" asked my little bird from her stroller.

"Yes, baby.  That's mama's pump.  I had to stick it in there so I could try on these other pants."  I zipped up the new pants and examined my reflection in the mirror.


"Yeah.  Do you like these?"

She tilted her head, touching one of her pigtails to her shoulder, then nodded vigorously.  "Mmmm hmmm.  I do!  Pump?"

"Sure, the pump goes right in this new pocket, like this," and I clipped my insulin pump to the pocket of the new pants.

"Nice, mama."  She nodded in approval as I took the pants off to try on a dress.  "Meh-sin?" she asked, pointing to the Dexcom sensor on my leg. 

"Yup!  That's my medicine.  Goes with the blue thing.  You are so smart!"  I pulled the dress over my head hopefully, but Birdy shook her pigtails. 

"Oh no, Mama!"

I looked in the mirror.  "Oh no?  Did you seriously just say 'oh no'??  That's not good.  Maybe this isn't the right color; you make a salient point."  I changed back into my "real clothes" and gathered up our belongings from the dressing room.

"Mama, eat?" 

"Yeah, we should go eat.  We're done trying on pretties.  Do you want a snack?  Mama wants a snack."

She patted my pump with her little hand.  "Pump pretty."

In the littlest moments and the most subtle ways, she learns a little more about her mama's diabetes and teaches me how to see things a bit differently.

That's ... different.


Wow that little girl is something :) What a heart warming story ... touched me in a way that was surprising. In a good way of course!

Heart. Melting.

Each story I read, I lovelovelove your girlie more and more. :]

Really, we need Chris to get sent back to Winnipeg for something and then we can have a Kerri meetup plus adorable Birdy. :]

Gave me goosebumps!

I just tried the Dexcom in my leg for the first time two days ago. I have a feeling it's not going to last the full 7 days though because I keep forgetting that it's there, and when I pull my pants up or down, I get it stuck on the sensor. Any tips? (Although I suppose the biggest tip would be to not pull my pants up or down so quickly haha)

I did not have my pump when my daughter was little. (remembering 30+years ago) When I took an injection, she would softly say...shot....Shot mommy.

Kristy---I just started placing my infusion site on my thigh a few weeks ago and had the same problem. Don't worry.. after you rip it out once you ALWAYS remember to be careful :) Trial and error!

Kerri---What an awesome family you have :) She's so interested! My little brother (11 years younger) doesn't even remember I have D. I asked him to grab my some pop at Christmas and he got regular... haha. I've been T1 since well before his birth so I guess its just ho-hum to him:)

What a sweetie pie! She is so precious.

seriously, in your wildest dreams, could you have even imagined this????...priceless!

Ahhh... This one brought a tear to my eye!!! So sweet and unconditional.

Yup, it's official. I'd pay you to let me babysit. Really. She's just so dang cute! :)

That word "medicine" reminded me of the conversations I had with my niece and nephew when they were little (I miss those days). My mom and I watched them every Friday night so my brother and SIL could have date night and we usually brought over dinner.

If you would have asked them what my pump was back then they probably would have said something like "medicine to help Auntie's belly feel better" because that's how I explained it to them.

Don't blink because now the middle one is super into science and wants to know about carb counting, insulin, digestion, and islets of langerhans!

this made me cry. why? i dunno. but thanks for sharing.

Kerri (and Chris) - Can I please borrow your little birdie sometime for a day or 2 to aid my self-esteem?
K? Thanks.

so cute!

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