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Snapshots: Back Up Insulin Pump.

Will this fit into my carry on?

Usually I don't think of it until the day before I leave, but I am glad I (finally) remembered to make the request for a vacation loaner insulin pump for my trip next week.  This shiny little spare arrived on Friday afternoon, with plenty of time to spare. (And it came with a handy little card to help explain itself to airport security people.  A nice addition to the letter I received from my doctor at Joslin, outlining the same sorts of things.  I feel double-prepared ... for once.)

[Animas disclosure]


I followed some of your links and read your thoughts on your previous and current pumps...I've done some research, have an endo appointment next week and am going to take the plunge and get a pump before the end of the year...my endo suggests the minimed - I've done a lot of research on the Omnipod, and this is the first time I've payed more than a little attention to the Animas pump...how do you decide?!?! Honestly...all this information without having used one before and KNOWING whats important to me and whats not, makes it tough! Are there any specific things I should take into account that I might be missing?

I am also thinking of the convenience of the pump – with an A1C under 6 control is not an issue for me – but am concerned about choosing as well.

Steph, when we chose J's first (and only so far!)pump we just had to consider our personal needs. J is special needs, so a remote control was a must. I couldn't be touching his pump all the time. That gave us the choice of Omnipod or Animas Ping. J tried an omnipod pod and found it was too big for him personally, so the Ping it was! You can request a free "dummy pod" from this page https://www.myomnipod.com/DemoPodConditionsAgreement/ to see if you like it.
We love J's Ping! Everything about it is just right for us.

It looks like they've improved their little informational card, too! That's really good to see.

I travelled about a year/year and a half ago on a couple different trips with a loaner Animas pump, and had no trouble going through security with it in Toronto, London Heathrow, or Shannon Ireland, but had a heck of a time in Lisbon, Portugal - they really didn't want to allow me through without sending the loaner pump through the x-ray machine. In the end it worked out and I made my flight (and it turned out that my doctor's note was important to have for the first time ever) but it was stressful for a few minutes. Surprisingly, the airline staff were the ones that really helped work things out with the security people, which I didn't expect since that's not how it would work in the US or Canada (the two places I have lived). At home, if I had a problem at security I would have tried to escalate it to a supervisor there, but in Lisbon they sent me back to the airline checkin counter where the guy there called his supervisor who called the "manager of the airport."

Anyway, I'm mentioning this since I would not previously have expected airline customer service to be able to help much with something like that, but they were awesome, and I think that's worth knowing when travelling outside your comfort zone! I hope your trip goes very smoothly and you don't need help with anything at all, but if you do, don't discount the airline staff - they will probably speak English and be able to help you!

I don't think "hellish" counts as a swear word.…

Happy Travels!

I love the little card that comes with the "loaner" pump, very helpful.


Either write down your basal rates or load them into the loaner. The helps cover the diabetes murhpy's law of something going wrong and the loaner being useless because who knows their rates?

Holy cow. Um, what happens if it does go through the x-ray? Pretty sure it went through the last time I flew.

Thanks, this reminded me I need to get a loner pump for my vacation!

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