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Revisiting: Surprising Gym Results.

Blog hiatus'ing still, and I remain grateful that my current gym doesn't talk to me this way.

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I like my gym.  It is small, tidy, and there's never a wait for the machines.   Chris and I go there every weeknight for about an hour.  My workout varies from resistance training, circuits, and sometimes just some plain old cardio.

Last night, I did a cardio circuit that involved 10 minutes on the elliptical machine, 10 minutes on the treadmill, 3 minutes jumping rope, and then another 10 on the stationary bike.  (Thirty-three minutes.  Larry Bird, baby.)  After I was done on the bike, the machine beeeeped! and flashed a message of completion which took me by such surprise that I yelped.


Excuse me? 

Apparently the machine was programmed in the wrong language, because as it cycled through the results, it offered me my snitt fart count, as well.

Snitt Fart workout!

I do not know what language this is.  All I know is that it surprised the hell out me.  And I ended up with an impromptu ab workout due to uncontrollable laughter.

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Originally published here:  Surprising Gym Results.


In case you were still wondering, it's Norwegian. ;)

That's hysterical! You made me hold my laptop upside down. I used to be annoyed that all glucose monitor images showed a number between 103 and 105 (advertisements, strip boxes). When I was first diagnosed, I thought I was the only one getting crappy numbers until I watched DLife and read your blog. Yesterday I got out a new box of new glucose test strips and froze for a second when I saw 501 on the meter on the box cover. Then I realized the box was upside down, 105 right-side up. (That is what I call running on diabetes brain.) Anyway, your treadmill message didn't look like any language I knew, couldn't make sense of it as an acronym, so, turned the screen upside down. Mystery remains.

That totally made me laugh out loud...esp. the second part...and I don't even like potty talk...must have been the "Snitt" in front of the "Fart" that made it esp. funny.

Ha! During college cross country we used to run fartleks, and giggle about it every time. http://runners-resource.com/fartlek

hahah this is sooo so osos os osamazing! hahahah I would have laughed so hard!

that is hilarious!!!!

I can't stop laughing...that is HIL.AR.I.OUS!!!!!

Snitt Fart.


Ab workout...done.

Haha, that's Swedish!

Slut means the end or ended and snitt fart (well, it's supposed to be snittfart) means average speed ;)

I love reading you blog, btw! Funny, smart and touching. Makes me feel less alone. Keep it up :)

Love from a Swedish reader

sooooo funny! lol!

This is amazing. I kind of want this to happen at the gym for amusement purposes.
Hilarious :D.

Very funny. As Emma posted, those words are Norwegian. "Slut" means "End" and "Snitt Fart" means "Average Speed."

I'm not sure how a fitness machine in the USA could get set to Norwegian though. Spanish or even Chinese, I could see. But Norwegian?

I really feel like, this is something that would only happen to you, Kerri! How random yet not completely surprising :)

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