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Photos from Dubai.

Some photos from Dubai, because I'm still there and am so jet-lagged that I have no idea what day it is, never mind how to finagle word things.

Downtown Dubai
In downtown Dubai, after meeting up with some of the World Diabetes Congress PWDs

The Persian Gulf sky
Looking out into the Gulf from Palm Island

View from the world's tallest building
View from the top of Burj Khalifa (highest building in the world)!

On the monorail, heading back from The Palm Island
On the monorail, headed back from Palm Island

Amazing place, but I think I miss that little Rhode Island. Heading home later today, and I can't quite wait.  :)



Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures, Kerri. When I read your post last week about your upcoming trip to Dubai, I was so hoping you would share pictures. The view from the highest building in the world - love it.

It does look like Blade Runner or some Sci Fi movie... ;-) We'll be glad to have you home.

The pictures are amazing (can't wait to see and hear more) and Abby's comment is cracking me up!

Hi Kerri,was a pleasure to meet with you at the convention center,actually me and Johny White were searching for you and I've met with Manny Hernnandez and asked him about you also.
Will be great if we can meet before you leave Dubai.
Kind regards

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