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Snapshots: Good Day, Bad Day.

After a very tough few days, diabetes-wise and emotionally-tied-to-diabetes-wise, I am grateful for this no-hitter.  Couldn't have come at a more necessary time.

Blue for Diabetes Month.  November isn't over yet, suckas.


Congrats, Kerri.

Way tight! (As in cool and great control.) Woohooo!

Wow! I want this to happen to me. When I look closely...is it right that your lowest normal is a 60? I wonder if I should stop thinking of under 80 as low. Maybe this is an age thing. Maybe for an 8 year old boy a 70 is low, or MAYBE they just tell us it is because we are inexperienced and they don't want us to let him get too close to the edge. Well, congratulations to you!! Sorry to try to make it about me/mine.

That is just plain lovely! :-) We gotta be grateful for those days when they happen -- having one just makes you more certain that it CAN be done! :-)

I'm pulling a Scott Johnson comment rampage today but I wanted to say that I'm sorry you had a bad day, or a bad bunch of days. A solid Dex graph heals all wounds, right??

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