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Snapshots: BlogWorldExpo.

I've been at BlogWorldExpo for the last few days, and have had the opportunity to meet with some fabulous people in the social health online world.  There's more to say, but for now, a few photos:

All of this alt text ...
Patient bloggers rock!!

 ... is for Sara ...
Kerri and Jen (EndoGoddess), representing for Blue Fridays

... aaaaaaaaaaaaah.  And #Bes.
Russ Starke, Jenni Prokopy, Kerri Sparling, and Katie:  The patient perspective panel


I wish I was half as stylish as the Endo Goddess.

P.S. No alt text? ;)

Check again, smartass. ;)

LOL! So late to this party!

You do realize it also means that I will have to check the alt text on every single post you write from now on?

I don't know how I missed this but had so much fun meeting you!

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