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From Abby: Kids Know What's Up.

I'm still in South Carolina this weekend, so Abby is chipping in to talk about kids.  And no, not her kids.  But sort of her kids.  You'll see ...

*   *   *

Xavier Roberts spent a lot of time writing his name on the butts of these things.Since I moved to Boston, I've been babysitting to earn enough money to survive. (That whole registered nursing thing is not working out so well, but that's beside the point.  Still on the job hunt here.) I'm currently watching a family of three girls, ages two, six, and eleven. The oldest one has some health issues of her own, so she totally dismisses my diabetes as simply a cool coincidence.

The six-year-old is far more concerned with cheating at UNO than anything to do with me.

But the two-year-old ... this little girl is hilarious. We were reviewing body parts last week and she told me that her mom has a chin but her sisters don't.  Also, she LOVES everything about my diabetes technology. She pulls my Dexcom out of my pocket on a regular basis to push the red button. (I've taught her that she's allowed to only push that one because the rest of the buttons will break it.)  When I eat a granola bar in response to a Dexcom reading of 84 mg/dL and a diagonal down arrow, she sits next to me and refers to the food as my "medicine." 

Today I was sitting next to her while she was eating snack, she pulled out the tubing of my pump from my pocket and said to me, "Do you have to wear that all the time?"  I responded with, "Yep I do; it helps me feel good and I'd get really sick without it." 

This smart little kid just looked at me and said, "Oh, well, I wish you didn't have to wear it. And I wish it was pink; that's my favorite color."

Me too, kid.  Me too.

*   *   *

Kids have a way of whittling things down to their most manageable size.


That's pretty much what I tell the kids in my Sunday school class. My pump "gives ne medicine so I don't get sick." I teach 5 & 6 year olds.

So cute! My favorite little four year old thinks my pump is fun when I play music on it. She does a little dance when I'm getting ready to eat to the beep-beep-beeps!

I used to work with a kid who called my pump my "dia-beedie box" and when it made the "cancel" chime he'd always remind me that I sounded like the "Zoom, zoom, zoom" song from the car commercials. (This was about 10 years ago, and he is now an adult, but I still remember fondly his respectful concern and fascination with the dia-beedie box!)

My 4-yr-old with diabetes showed me offhandedly today that she uses the toy syringe from the vet kit when she plays "Mom" with her little bro. "Yeah, I call it the Mom Shot." So she's getting ready to be a mom with diabetes, in her own little manageable size.

Hi there - I used to read your blog a long time ago and am just catching up again. You moved to Boston? Well welcome to Boston. I have grown up here and I love it! Good luck looking for a job. Have you looked at Harvard? Med school/pubic health....might have some interesting options.....just tossing it out there.

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