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Snapshots: The San Francisco Shuffle.

There's the story about almost missing the flight out.  And the one about how the first flight had to make an unscheduled landing to deal with some pressurization problems.  And then how I almost missed the flight home because the driver couldn't find his GPS.  Oh yeah, and I was only on the ground in San Francisco for twenty-four hours.

But I saw the Golden Gate Bridge, damn it.

Thanks to the three guys with their Nikon camera expertise who offered to take the shot.  Of course, it looks like the bridge is growing out of my head. Experts.

And it was a beautiful day.  

"No fog today, miss," said the driver, blaming me for bringing the sunshine.  I couldn't claim that, but I did bring the glucose tabs.  Holla.
I'm already looking forward to the next trip out.  :)


Did the driver think you wanted fog (alt text)?

I've walked across that bridge a few times. That's some good exercise!

Welcome to our front yard. San Francisco is a beautiful city. We natives sometimes forget that. You should try and get to Yosemite too sometime. Breath taking.
Happy trails from NorCal

When I saw your blog photo today I thought "Hey, that's OUR bridge!" I hope the next time you are out here you get a longer visit to the "City by the Bay".

Kerri, I was so struck by your piece about your halloween costume!

I am Kimberly Chisholm, VP of Research for JDRF Bay Area (funny that you seem to be here in the Bay Area just when I am getting in touch!). I am the mom of a fourteen year old who was diagnosed two years ago and also a writer who does a column (read: blog) for JDRF on the bay area site.

I was really hoping to have your diabetes costume piece as a guest blog tomorrow!

Totally short notice, but if you would be interested, you could email me at kfchisholm@hotmail.com.

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