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Oh you strange little Bird, you are eighteen months old and you have found sentences.  And you aren't afraid to use them.  Last week, you busted out with "I do!" as your first affirmation, and now you toddle around the house on your tiptoes, sounding like a walking wedding vow.

"I do!"

"You do?  Do you love Daddy?"

"I do!"

"Do you love Mama?"

"I do!"

"Do you want to take a nap?"

".... no."

(See?  You know exactly what it means.)

You've also found words.  Lots of them, and it seems like your vocabulary doubles every day.  You have a lot to say, and even when you don't know how to say the words, you know what they mean.  "Swim!" means you lay down in the bathtub and kick your feet until water splashes onto the floor.  "Kick your feet!" while you're on the swing in the backyard means you kick so hard, alternating your legs, so that you look like an aerial can-can dancer.  And when you sniff flowers of any kind, it's less of a "sniffing in" and more of a violent "blowing out."  We try hard not to laugh at you, but it can be a challenge at times.

"Sniffing" the flowers.
Snarfing up all the flowers

And you have found silliness.  In the last few weeks, you've started laughing at silly things on television, or when Mommy and Daddy make faces or say goofy things.  Instead of responding to our smiles or our tickles, you actually get the joke.  You know that the colander on your head is silly.  You know that pretending to brush your nose instead of your teeth is funny.  And you know that when we make the stuffed animals burp, it's comedic gold.  You're a total goofball, and that's an inherited trait.  From your father.  And ::coughs:: your mama, too.

Petting a giant, metal pumpkin

When you were much littler, we, as your parents, did most of the entertaining for you.  We danced, we sang, and we read you books.  But now, you're the entertainer.  You bust out with these strange little dances and funny little tunes, shaking your head and your shoulders at the hint of any kind of music (you really love Beyonce and the Beastie Boys, and some old school U2 from Boy), and trying to make out with any Elmo doll or t-shirt that will stand still for more than five seconds.  (Dude, you totally love Elmo.  I can't, for the very life of me, imagine where you picked that up from.  Whoops.)

Birdy and "Melmo."
We ask her, "Where's Elmo?" and she points at her shirt. Then we ask her "Where's Birdy?"
And she points at her shirt. Then she gets all confused, like she ate Elmo.

You continue to amaze and confuse me on a daily basis.  Just when I think I have something figured out, you either change it or try to eat it.  (That's fun.)  Your day is one, giant, exhausting cycle of running around and playing and singing and eating and trying to lick my laptop and pretending to be a doggy or a kitty or an elephant, and sometimes I just watch you and wonder if you're sneaking sips of my coffee. 

But at night, when you want to snuggle up in my arms and read a book, and you smell like Aveeno baby shampoo and your curls tickle my cheek, I wrap you up and try to make the moments last just a little longer.  You're getting so big, so quickly, and even though I keep asking you to slow down, you just. keep. running.

"Does Mommy love you?"

"I do!!"

You bet I do.



Whenever you write these little tributes, I can't get over your ability to capture your life, with a crazy baby -- no offense, they are all crazy. Your descriptions are so spot on. I always enjoy.

...priceless...my dancing, silly, Piglet loving, baby shampoo head smelling daughter turned 16 on Friday...what i would give to smell that baby shampoo again...drink it all up...it flys by...


Gah. That melted my heart. She is one seriously adorable little girl :)

Happy Half Birthday to Birdy! Wait . . . you don't celebrate half birthdays? Could it be I am an overindulgent mom? Actually half birthdays are not full of gifts and the like, we just always remember them -- the half-bday person gets to choose dinner and everyone has to bow to them that day. It's fun becuase Leigh's bday is my half bday and visa versa! I wish we had in the internet when my kids were little. I have their baby books with all the memories (which is how I know my kids are the best ever -- it's documented!) but it's not like this. So great.

She is just stunning, you've got a little heartbreaker on your hands I'm sure of it. I love her sniffing flowers, that is priceless.

Wonderful:) you guys are just wonderful.

I'll be honest, kids just aren't my thing (at least not right now, who knows next year I might sing a different tune).

But I love reading about your little girl. She is bar-none one of the cutest kids I have ever seen, and I don't say that often. And that personality! Hilarious!! Thanks for sharing. :)

my granddaughter is 19mths and her and Bird sound like 2 peas in a pod! i look after my grandkids, and they make me laugh every day! no matter what kind of day i am having, it is brighter because they are part of it!!

Awww... Who likes this post? "I do!"

awww. that flower snorfing pic is awesome!

So... has she mastered the elephant trumpeting yet, or do I have to mortify myself again (again? as usual? whatever...) and try to do a how-do video?

That last photo slays me. She is awesome.

I adore these letters, and I agree....she's a total cutie! Also, it goes without saying that I love that your kidlet bops around to "Boy." Out of CONTROOOOOOL!

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