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Where the Islet Cells End.

(A tribute to Shel Silverstein's beautiful, "Where the Sidewalk Ends.")

There is a place where the islet cells end
And that's where diabetes begins.
In this place, you can stumble and things can get scary
Those moments when numbers make you feel so wary
And the burden is almost too heavy to carry
This is where our community comes in.

Let us leave this place where misconceptions grow
And the damaging articles win.
Where the blood sugar pendulum swings to and fro
And the mindset of fear leads to … well, I don't know
Past the place where you're told that you reap what you sow
To that place we find strength deep within.

We'll all write with a purpose that's true and we'll know
That our words make a difference; the world we will show
What it means - "Diabetes" -, and together, bestow
Our support on each other.  Our friends.

Image credit to the epically talented Shel Silverstein.



Wow. That's excellent Kerri, Shel Silverstein, right? If so, have you read Runny Babbitt yet - a hilarious book of poems with the official title of Runny Babbitt- A Billy Sook.

That is beautiful.

wow! i love it!

HAHAH Who doesn't love where the side walk ends?!?!

I love it Kerri, beautifully done!!

So, I know you think your kid doesn't look like you, but in that freeze frame, your mouth and hers are exactly the same mouth. Just sayin'. And this was beautiful! :)

Okay, you have to stop putting up posts that leave me sitting here crying!! ;) (PS: You look so skinny!!!)

I use to love that book.
Great "remake" :)

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