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Everybody Bloops.

Most of the time, when I record a vlog, the final product ends up being about three minutes long.  This is after cutting the video down from fifteen assorted minutes of nonsense and rambling.  And this blooper video is ... well, embracing the rambling.  :)

Diabetes bloopers was a theme from D-Blog Week back in May.  Everybody bloops.  Have you blooped today?


Excellent choice of background music. :P

I've never answered my pump before...

Jackie - I can't lie; the whole reason I did a blooper video is because this Weird Al song has been in my head for days on end. I love him! :)

When you get a hold of your pancreas, give it a good talking to! Then it can talk to mine.

I have actually answered my pump before. Said hello for several seconds, before realizing there was a tube sticking out of it and that my real cellular device had missed the call. Oops.

LOVED IT! Weird Al made it that much better. You have now motivated me to freak people out by randomly talking on my pump like it is a phone.

I think you need to get out more ;)

Seriously, when you start talking to electronic devices it might already be too late.

I'm do bloopable to vblog.
Thanks for the entertainment. And, loved the baby talk.

A director once told me: "Outtakes are the window to an actor's soul." I still don't know what the fructose he was talking about.

Enjoyed your blooper reel!

Kerri you're HILARIOUS! And that lil bird is SO CUTE!

"You want to speak to my pancreas? Not a problem, it's not doing anything..."


I love it. (You know what I mean, I don't love that your pancreas is a lazy POS, I love your spin on it.)

Thanks for the smile K. :-)

Lol. I love the answering your pump and the 'my pancreas isn't doing ANYTHING'. Too funny.

ENORMOUS HANDS ahahah. thanks for the behind the scenes peek! ;)

I'll take as many cute Birdy videos as you can put out. Forget your pancreas -- it's the Bird I wanna know about! :-)

Crap! I almost fell off my chair with "JAZZ HANDS!"

Ha,ha,ha....Kerri, youre so funny!

My son just told me I should start using my pump like a phone. He thought your blooper video was hilarious.

"Oh you want to talk to my pancreas? Yeah sure, it's not doing anything."

Hahaha! That got a laugh out loud from me, solo here at my computer.

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