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SUM Search Terms: The One About Baby Ninja Beans.

Search terms for diabetes blogs aren't always what you'd expectThe search terms that bring people to my blog continue to amaze me in their diversity and weirdness.  So much that I wanted to give a quick recap of the strange searches bringing people to SUM this week:

Does Muro 128 affect your sense of smell? - Wow.  Muro 128 is my favorite old lady drug of choice these days, thanks to the cornea chaos.  But no, it hasn't affected my sense of smell.  It has, however, affected my ability to look sexy in the morning.  In that one eye looks shiny and weird.  Better than swollen and ripped to shreds, though. 

clara barton camp PICTURES OF THE DANCES - OMG ALL CAPS I KNOW!!  When I was a camper at Clara Barton, the dances with the Joslin Camp were among the highlights of the sessions, because where else in your early teens could you sneak a smooch with a BOY without your MOM spying on you?  ALL CAPS?

onetouch ping actual size - Actual size?  It's the size of an insulin pump.  ;)

store insulin pump in bra - Sounds like someone searching for disco boobs to me ...

thank you greeting warm hospitality kittens
- I have no idea what this person was searching for, but in my mind, it's adorable.  Hospitality kittens sound like they'd always have cinnamon buns at the ready, and they'd have a nice, sunny spot near the window prepared for you to take a nap.  Ahh ... hospitality kittens.
things a diabetic dreams of - Ice cream?  Bacon?  Cupcakes?  Giving a presentation at school and realizing you're only in your underwear?  Insulin pumps with integrated CGM components (hello, Vibe)?  A cure? 

baby ninja bean - Cutest.  Search term.  Ever.  And if someone has a visual representation of what a baby ninja bean would look like, I'd love, love to see it.

six until mine - Whoops - sounds like someone has mixed Amy and I up?

crazy chicken - I Googled this one myself to see just how someone stumbled onto a diabetes blog through this search term.  And first, I found this video (thoroughly entertaining).  But then, a few pages in, I found this post from Abby about her dia-ink, which flagged the search due to the close proximity of the word "chicken" and "crazy." 

damn lol invisible bike - The ultimate I Can Haz A Cheeseburger moment!  Invisible Bike is a personal favorite of mine.  But clearly this searcher isn't as enamored, as they're flagging it with "damn."

diabetes who can't cook - And there it is.  A fellow culinary challenged PWD, searching for me.  I can't cook.  Not even a little bit.  The only thing I can do is bake, and that's an ironic skill set for a person who doesn't produce their own insulin.  

And now I can't stop thinking about baby ninja beans and hospitality kittens.  Mental cute overload.   :)


Clever post idea. You made it really fun.

Baby Ninja Bean?

Apparently there is an internet meme for every idea.


You crack me up! Baby Ninja Beans, Hospitality Kittens, & can't make your own insulin. LOL

Hi Kerri! I was definitely at least one of/the only person who came to your blog (though I read it every day) from my search of "store insulin pump in bra," as I am prepping for my transition to pump-dom in August/September. :) That, and I was curious about having disco boobs.

Hospitality kittens must happen.

I don't have anything really interesting yet to share with you guys about my search terms, though I hope that mine will be half as funny as yours! I was bored, though, and googled "Siah Sausage ate my baby" just for fun, and you were the first link! Congratulations on having that cat win the popularity contest!

I thought the "I can't cook" link was going to lead to your sugar-free, gluten-free recipe contribution: ice cubes. :)

Ah, yes. Hospitality Kittens...meow :)

I totally need one of those.

found this on youtube....


baby bean AND ninja bean.... not quite as cool perhaps....

Here you go, Baby Ninja Bean: http://ninjaofthemonth.com/2010/images/11.jpg :)

I think I have a twitter contact, I think a DOC person, called "Ninja Bean".

Six Until Mine sounds like a forum for people on really long-term layaway plans. Only 72 more payments and this baby is mine!

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