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New Animas Vlog: Welcome to My Garden Party.

Normally, I have reasonable control of my nouns.  I know the words for things, but for some reason, this video had me completely tongue-tied.  I tried to talk about how moments of exercise have been sneaking into my daily routine, almost by accident, but ended up talking about the "secret weapons" of my garden. 

I apologize for not knowing the word "watering can."  Somehow, it completely escaped me.

(Also, my columns have been updated for June on "Life, Uninterrupted."  Skip on over to read "Those Online People" and "The Pee Alarm."  Thanks for checking them out!)


So jealous of those blueberries...

Sneaky exercise = carrying laundry up and down three flights of stairs; moving boxes around at work; walking to the grocery store across the street and bringing back a load of groceries up those three flights of stairs.

Every time I'm working in our yard, I have to count on at least 2 juice boxes. Yard work = low for me too!! (Of course my yard is freakin' huge and it usually means raking leaves which truly IS a workout, but still!)

Catty jazz hands... ooooh, my. :D

The second I saw a Vlog entry, I knew my day was about to get better! You are hysterical; thanks for the chuckles this morning! Congrats on the garden and flowers! I get a kick out of how D measures my exercise levels: definitely cleaning the house (bathroom and stairs are HARD CORE number droppers); shopping (which IS a sport for me); and spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen while I'm making dinner!

This is my favorite SUM video of all time. So much fun!

It makes me feel SO much better about forgetting that things actually have words that go to them when I see that you do it, too!

Hidden exercise: food shopping (I always seem to come home low), walking outside (but for some reason, not on the treadmill), playing guitar, and sometimes, even making dinner!

Ok, Kerri... Not ONLY did I laugh my snit-farting self off the couch here with the fun attitude you've displayed, but I also found it very mind-exercising to watch. See, it's the line: "exercise isn't so quantifiable, unless you're diabetic and you can see your BG dropping when you do these certain things.." I've never reflected on that. And wow - we are so much cooler than those "normal" non-D folk who have NO IDEA what they're experiencing with exercise. There's a whole other "D is cool" aspect here, but I can't get past the ending there. You so totally rule, my friend. Thanks for the post! (oh, and I also am clueless on what that water-saturing flower container is actually called).

Ha! I read the "Pee Alarm" link and it made me laugh out loud...I am a mom of a child with type1 AND a mom of a bedwetter. We are adjusting to a pump (middle of the night blood sugar checks) and trying to conquer bedwetting (middle of the night sheet changes) at the same time. My kids are 7 and 9, but sometimes, it feels like I have infants, considering how much (little?) sleep I get! Thank you for your blog - I love your candor and humor!

Ah...I thought you were gonna Karate Chop us with your freaky Jazz Hand/Cat Hand combo!!! EEEEK

Hi. You are awesome. :-)


I work on a unit in a psych hospital, so things are generally very quiet. I specifically asked my charge nurse to assign me duties like taking out trash, doing laundry, and cleaning the kitchen because I've noticed that scrubbing counters and emptying trash cans is as good of a workout as running on a treadmill (which I hate) or riding my bike (which I hate less)!



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