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CWD: Snapshots from Day One.

So busy, but wanted to check in and say hi!  And share a few photos:

Adults with type 1 at CWD.  Chillin'.
A group shot from our Adults with Type 1 meet and greet.

I love these people.
Some of my favorite PWD (and that awesome PWoD)


Great looking group of people. Looks like one of the good complications of T1 is "smiling." Thanks for sharing your photos.

So exciting to see all the adults w/ T1! Any chance I could get in on a meet and greet while y'all are in my hometown?

nice lookin' bunch!

I. am. ao. jealous. Is that Christel? If so, give her a BIG hug from me.

The fact that I missed seeing Christel and the baby is my one regret from FFL!

Oh, I miss you all so much! (And yeah, he is an awesome PWoD, isn't he?)

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