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You CAN Do This.

I have had a lot of moments in the last 24 years with type 1 diabetes where I wasn't sure if I could do this.  But I did.  And I can.  And I'm still going.  

You can do this.

I've had the honor of being part of a project put together by Kim Vlasnik over at Texting My Pancreas, where some member of the Diabetes Online Community have contributed their perspectives to a "You Can Do This" movement.  It's about support.  Empowerment.  The reality of life with diabetes, and how a little love can go a very long way. 

Watch this video and visit Kim's blog for details, and please consider adding your voice to this project.  It's a great way to show one another that we aren't alone, and that yes, we CAN do this.


Thank you for posting this.

Thank you SO MUCH, Kerri! :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm sobbing. GREAT job everyone. This is so inspiring!

Awesome job, Kerri! And thank the little Birdie for her contribution too. :D


Thanks for sharing this! So glad I'll be back in AK by then so Bean and I can help out, too! After seeing some of your vlogs on youtube, she's been wanting to make her own video. Can't think of a better way to start!!

No my dear, you are not alone!

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs when the body does not produce insulin or fails to properly use this hormone.

Many people have this problem!!!

I'll show this to my Type 1 daughter and make sure she knows WE can do this!

Kim rocks the block. Who knew she had such awesome Emcee skills?

You're so right. A little love goes a long way. Thank you Kerri!

thanks for doing this!

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