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Six Since 'Six Until Me.'

Happy birthday, BloggyWoggyBoo!  (What, you don't have a pet name for your blog?)Six years ago, I was talking with my then-boyfriend about how I felt a little isolated with my type 1 diabetes, and how I wanted to connect with others who had it.

"How about you start a blaaaaaaaaaagh?"  (Which is how I heard the word.  Like it was the sound of someone vomiting.  Which I guess is one way of describing a blog - like a vomit of information?  Hmmm.  I went off the rails a bit with that.  /digression)

"Okay, what's a blaaaaaaaagh?"

And he showed me.  And I posted my first post over at Blogspot. And then I met other bloggers, like Violet and Scott, and this whole world of people living with diabetes was opened up for me.  I didn't feel alone anymore.  And now I had a place to talk about diabetes with people who really understood all the nitty-gritty aspects of this disease - people who spoke my language.  

Today is the sixth birthday of Six Until Me, and I can't thank you guys enough for sticking with me for six years, and for being such an integral part of my emotional health.  Managing the blood sugars of diabetes is one thing, but managing the psycho-social aspects of this disease is an entirely different animal, and for me, a good support system is as vital as insulin.

Over the last six years, my life has changed to include a proposal, a wedding, plenty of travel, some triumphs and tough stuff, and the birth of my daughter.  I've gone from a single 20-something to a married mama, chronicling each step and the diabetes impact on my blog.  I wanted to confirm for myself, and for others, that there is a life after diagnosis, and it can be a fun one.  (And I have to thank my very supportive husband, who lets me share a lot of personal things on this here blog - Chris, you are a brave soul, suggesting that I blaaaaagh.  Love you.) 

A big THANK YOU to all of the SUM readers and people who continue to support the outreach efforts of patient bloggers.  (And to Abby, for being so tolerant of my 2 am emails.)  Sharing our stories helps to bridge gaps between patients and their caregivers, and I couldn't be prouder and more grateful of this community.

(Now I'm off to don my pirate patch and see if I can get Siah to sit on my shoulder and politely ask for crackers.)


Happy Blogibesary. It has been such a support system to me to know that I am not alone in all of this.

Thank YOU!

Yours was one of the first diabetes blogs I found and I say over and over that seeing people like you and Allison and Kelly who were diagnosed as children and who are now thriving, successful, awesome adults has helped me so much as the parent of a young daughter with diabetes.

Your blaaaaaagh is one of the best parts of my day. Thank you for ALL you do, and Happy Birthday, SUM!

Happy Blogaversary but I don't think Siah does anything politely.

I can, however, get #Bes to sit on my shoulder if I am sitting in "our" favorite chair :)

Just took a moment reading some of your first blog posts. Amazing, Kerri. I stopped blogging bc I stopped being truly honest (and well, that baby (toddler!?) takes some time!). After my pregnancy I was so burned out of the total control that I took a break... a long break. Time to be the "Most Diabetic Suzanne" that I can be. So, happy blogiversary, and thanks for the little kick in the ass!

happy birthday, six until me! thanks for everything, kerri!

I've been doing this for less than 2 years and can say it's super hard work. Congrats to you for SIX years of dedication to writing, sharing, contributing, and loads of creativity. We're so lucky to have you!

If you can't get Siah to sit on your shoulder, I could loan you my Chester the Chinchilla for an hour. He loves to sit on my shoulder and will nuzzle your face to ask for a raisin. Close enough?

Picture of Chester doing just this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150141651394897&set=a.170735039896.113561.500069896&type=1

Thank you so much for ALL you do for the DOC~!~! \m/ \m/ xo

Congratulations Kerri! I read every word you posted about your pregnancy journal and the arrival of BSparl, and now I'm happy to say that I'm a mum too - baby C arrived two and a half weeks ago :) You were a big inspiration to me, and I thank you wholeheartedly for doing what you do.

PS. Hope the eye is starting to feel better - thinking of you.

Happy Blaaagh-aversary! Yours was the 1st D-blog I found nearly 5 years ago...I've followed along for your adventures with your wedding and BSparl and everything inbetween :) Thanks so much for sharing your stories and letting us D-mamas know that our little babes can grow up and live healthy, amazing lives! You've been an inspiration to me!

Happy blaaaaaagh-aversary, (or is a blaaaagh-day?) Six Until Me! Thank you for everything, Kerri. Feel better soon :)
This is the first Diabetic Blog I've found, and the only one I read (!) I truly look forward to it everyday. :)

Happy Blogiversary! I think you are amazing.

Congrats! You are definitely an inspiration to so many of us...young and old!

The psycho-social-emotional aspects are the most challenging. I have noticed that in parenting and pancreating for Joe. I am glad that you have found such support in the DOC and know that your insight helps type 1 caregivers much perspective and insight. I am thankful for you and your willingness to share "your story" with comedy and grace.

Happy SIX SUM!

I can't tell you how much your blog means to me. Your blog was one of the very first I ever found and you always manage to touch me very deeply with each post. It's just so nice to be able to read about someone else who goes through the same things that you do. Thank you and I can't wait to read for years to come!

Have you really only been blogging for 6 years?!? I just celebrated 4 years blogging. When I started blogging I assumed you'd been blogging forever. :)

I have an 8 year old with type 1. The first time I found/read your blog (about 2 yrs ago), I bawled. I was so happy to see a lovely grown up girl with diabetes and it gives me so much hope that my little girl will have a perfectly normal life. Thank you!

Kerri, Happy Anniversary and a big "Thanks" for everything you do. As others have mentioned above, yours was one of the first ( and best) of the blogs I found. Although I am type 2, I worry everyday that my 3 daughters never have to go thru what I do. My little automated paper, which your blog appears in regularly, is my effort to contribute to the community and the cause you started for me. Thanks again !

Your Blog was also my intro to the Blogosphere, I have you to thank for inspiring me and now I can say I don't feel so alone. Happy B-Day SUM! Thanks.

You were the first blaaaagh that I came upon when I was looking for someone who knew what it was like to be T1. You really helped me through a difficult time and I am so grateful. Your honesty and humor have taught me so much! Thank you!!!
Happy 6th Blogaversary :)

Thanks, Kerri.

Yours was the first blog I stumbled upon and your writing helped me tremendously when I was feeling particularly alone with my disease and needed support. You also motivated me to start my own blog (however briefly that thing lasted!).

You've done great things for this community and you should be damn proud of yourself.

Keep on keepin' on!

PS: "Note to Potential Stalkers: Please don't." is classic and I knew from the start that you had a great sense of humor.

Happy blog-versary Kerri!!

Happy 6th Blogaversary Kerri! Yours was the second blog I found, about a year ago, when I first started trying to find blogs re: young women w/ type 1 d. (I don't remember the first.) I read yours all the way from the first post in about 3 sittings--just like Harry Potter, I couldn't put it down. You are an amazing storyteller and I (like so many others, I know) feel a kind of t1d sisterhood/siblinghood with you thru your posts. You are an inspirational community-builder and leader. You've inspired me to start my own blog, just in time for D-Blog week. EEK. Thanks for putting yourself and your life out here, for sharing with us. You. Rock.

Yup - you started about the same time I was diagnosed. Thank goodness for you and the others who took the time to write. I'd have been totally lost.
Happy 6th b'day!

I'm so so glad you started your blog - one, because you are such an inspiration and wonderful advocate for so many and two, because if you didn't we probably never would have met. Happy happy blogaversary to you!!

I agree with Sarah-deliciously addictive, JUST like HP! My sister yelled at me when I first found your blog because I got so absorbed that I couldn't hear my family talking to me!

Kerri, you've inspired me to go forth and find other people with my condition. I hope that I will be as funny, creative, and sensitive a blogger as you are!


Happy Blogaversary! Funny how we can change any celebration into a versary, isn't it? Yours was one of the first blogs I found. You were six. So was my gal. Your postings reminded me, and they continue to remind me, of living a full life with diabetes is possible. I cannot thank you enough for the faith, the hope and the courage you have given me Kerri.

Discovering your blog has made a world of difference in my life. I am NOT alone!
Thank you, thank you, thank you and happy anniversary. :)

Happy birthday, blaaaaagh!

It's we who should thank you. Just knowing that there's someone else out there who "get's it" makes it so much easier. Reading about your daily struggles and triumphs (which often mirror my own) gives me hope. Thanks.


You know I'm eternally grateful for all that you do to help make the DOC a better place for so many people.

I'm so damn proud of you for all that you do, and I look forward to watching you (us!) change the world, one blog post at a time.

I love you, your family, your work, your energy, your dedication.

Here's to SIXTY years of blogging! Cheers sister!

I started reading your blog about 2 years ago shortly after my then 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1. Just as others have stated, you gave me hope that my beautiful baby girl was going to be ok. Those training classes in the hospital are a smidgen over the top and SUM showed me another side that gave me hope and made me smile (after I cried for hours). Thanks for everything!

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