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Out of Commission.

Thank you guys for your calls/emails of concern.  Everything is fine here, but I've been tagged in the eyeball by the little Bird's fingernail, and she scraped off a decent part of my cornea.  This experience has been extremely painful, and I'll be unable to see for the next few days as my eye heals, but my doctor thinks I'll make a full recovery by the end of the week. 

So thanks for the love and concern - it's much appreciated!!  I'll update once I'm further into the healing process (i.e. when I can open my eye without letting the eff word fly).  :)

- Kerri.


It is not an easy thing to deal with - has been happening for years, but huts a lot. Take care!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Poor little eyeball!

Just when you thought you had beaten back the Beetus, you get Birdseyed.

Hoping for a quick recovery for those precious eyes of yours. Who knew that babies (I guess it's toddler now) could be so dangerous? We'll miss you, but take good care of yourself.

I once had a scratched cornea, and it HURT!! Taking off a chunk is worse, but I'm happy the doc says it will heal. Just hang in there, and CLIP the bird's fingernails! :-)

Oh ouch!! My eye stung just reading this - can't imagine how much pain you must be in! Healing prayers coming your way for a full & speedy recovery!

The Bird did it?! Return all her presents!!!

Just reading about this made me groan outloud. You poor dear....

OHHHHH..Kerri...ouch...you take care of yourself...very very glad to hear good news from your dr...please keep us posted...I'll be thinking of you..:))

Oouchie! Hope you make a fas recovery!

Ouch!! Hope you feel better quickly!

Sending you healing thoughts, amiga...

Oww! Hope your eye heals up quickly and stops hurting. And just remember this incident so you can use it as leverage when she's asking for something irrational when she's 16 :P like a pony.

Hope it heals quickly!!!

Ouch! Same thing happened to my brother - my nephew did a 3 stooges move in the waiting room for his 9mo checkup. My brother got to see the pediatrician before my nephew did.

@Darrell- Birdseyed? ROTFL!

Oh, Kerri. I am so, so sorry. I'm sure this will make a great story for embarrassing BSparl when she reaches dating age, but it's not very funny now! Here's to a quick healing!

Feel better. I've had my cornea scratched and I know how uncomfortable that is. Hang in there!!

Keep using eyedrops, I don't think you can use them too often. I hope you're feeling a lot better soon.

Ouch, take care of yourself.

Ouch, I've never dealt with this but it sounds terrible!! :( Rest that eye and feel better soon. We're thinking of you. (Me, Pete and K.C.)

OUCH! I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

Feel better soon. We are all praying for you and BSparl. Sounds painful, wishing you a speedy recovery.

I knew something was up. I usually check your blog on a daily bases. Day one nothing, Day two nothing. After that I thought to myself, I wonder if Kerri is OK. So sorry to hear of your boo boo. How painful. Take care of yourself.

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