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Help From the DOC!

Hey guys. I'm checking in from vacation as a favor to a friend. I received a request for assistance and I wanted to see if anyone in the community could help. Here's the email: "Does anyone in the D.O.C. Have experience with a 18 year old (and hence legally independent) who struggles with both bipolar issues and type 1? Particularly with regard to situations where the swings of bipolar are such that self distructive behavior is involved. Self destructive actions beyond but including even rudimentary type 1 care. Any references to expert help, or experience with legal proceedings that may facilitate loved ones intervening are appreciated." Due to the sensitivity of this request, I am closing comments, but if you can help in any way, please email me at kerri (at) sixuntilme (dot) com. I will forward your email to this reader, if that is okay. Okay, back to vacation mode. And, as always, thank you guys so much for your help. The DOC rocks hard.