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D-Blog Week: Admiring our Differences (From Abby)

Abby's take on D-Blog Week:

Day One of D-Blog Week:  From Abby!I’m selfish. I’ll admit it. I’m 23 years-old, have never lived on my own (with the exception of sharing a house with 4 other girls – but I didn’t pay rent or utilities or even my own car insurance), and for the most part I have survived in this AbbyBubble my whole life. This past year has opened my eyes a little, though, to a LOT of the world around me. Especially when it comes to the perspectives of others with diabetes in their lives.

The blog type that has opened my eyes the most are the ones from parents of kids with type 1 diabetes. I was a kid with type 1, and I have absolutely no idea how my mom dealt with that. Reading some of the blogs of people who are currently raising tiny humans with diabetes is astonishing.  I have no idea how you guys do it, and I really plan on never finding out if I can help it (yes, I have The Thought and I’m not having kids for a verrrrrry long time).  The blog that I read most often is Reyna’s, probably because I babysat for her a few times back in my SMC years.  I remember how fun those kids were, but let me tell you, by the time Reyna and Dave came back, I was tired. Seriously how do you do that 24/7 AND manage Joe’s diabetes? I don’t get it at all. Mad respect, yo. 

As much as I want to have kids someday, I’m really deathly afraid of producing another busted pancreas.  And I know that type 1 isn’t all that bad, I mean, I’ve had it for thirteen years and I’m still completely awesome, but I’d rather just not take that risk.  I also have a few really intense genetic issues in my family which I’m also not looking to pass on (which is a whole different story for a whole different day and probably a whole different blog that doesn’t belong to Kerri).I

have so much admiration for you, the parents of kids with diabetes. I can’t even put it into words. The way you bend over backward to make your children feel as normal as possible is the most selfless lifestyle I could imagine.  You all give me hope, that if I do decide to reproduce my mostly superb genes, that there is life after hearing “your child has type 1 diabetes” and a ginormous support group out there just waiting to help.

*   *   *

(This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week.  To participate, check out the details on Karen's blog!  And thanks, as always, to Karen for organizing such a great advocacy effort.)


The parents that do that ARE heroes. Mine decided that they would handle the financial end and transportation, but other than that, 12 was more than old enough to deal with the rest myself. :-( High a1c's were cause for punishment, not encouragement or teamwork. So, extra kudos to rockstar parents of cwd... because it is a choice they make--not to have a cwd, but to parent them.

Reyna is awesome. Just reading her stuff wears me out :)

Wow, Abby...Thank you for the awesome encouragement :) I'm jealous that you've met Reyna IRL. Totally jealous...LOVE HER -- love SUM -- love the DOC!!!!

Abby, I can totally relate to your post, and I'm 30 years old. I have no idea if I'm going to have kids or not. And I think a part of that is because I have diabetes. Yes, you can have a perfectly healthy kid, like BSparl, but it still scares me. A whole lot. I don't know how parents do it, let alone parents with kids with diabetes! True heroes in my mind! :)

Agree with Wendy. Totally jealous you both met!

Shes amazing as are you. Thank you for this great post. I love seeing all the admiration between drents and PWD! Its overwhelming.

Your one of my favorite d tweeters btw lol ;)


Ha! And I thought you would read BB b/c of the "colorful" language. Big Smiles.

Thanks for the shout out and I am still in awe of the small, small world that we are part of. First to meet IRL so many years ago and then to both find each other again in "D Blogger Land".

And...I am grateful for you and Kerri. For keeping it real and giving me "perspective" to add to my tools in raising Joe to the best of my ability...as a mom and a temporary Head Pancreas In Charge.

Whatever you decide, chidren or not...all will be well! We thrive with three boys who have type 1. Not always easy, but worth it in a bagillion ways!

And yeah, Reyna does have mad skills, yo! LOVE HER!!

I totally agree!!! D parents are the best and I have no clue how they do it. I also have those thoughts as well about weather or not have children (Vs adopting). It's a serious question, that I am in rush to think about, but these are questions we need to ask ourselves. Great post!

I agree with Reyna..whatever you decide is the right decision for you.

D parents do rock. Mine on the other hand chose to deal with other things in life rather than helping me. While I don't blame them for all my D problems a little help would have went a long way.

Awesome post, Abby. And while I fear sounding like a blog-pusher, I'm wondering if this week might be a gateway-blog into a full blog of your own!! You know, just try it for free, this week, and see how you like it. Everyone is doing it . . . ;)

D-Parents are Awesomesauce.

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