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D-Blog Week: Diabetes Bloopers!!

Bloopahs:  They follow the imperfect and the awkward, and I am unfortunately a prime candidate for them.  While some seem to lead lives of graceful elegance, I'm more the one who calls out inappropriate things in crowded restaurants and unsettles apples at the grocery store.  (And may or may not have fought spiders in sweatervests and foreign girls in bathrooms, but that's a whole different post.)

For today's D-Blog Day post, I'm going vloggy and sharing some blooper reels from the vlog archives.  Because everyone needs to know where the garbage truck, garbage truck is (video two):

But these bloopers are just diabetes vlog ones. Real diabetes bloopers are the missed boluses, the tubing caught on door knobs, and the utter chaos of diabetes management. They are plentiful; some awkward, some dangerous, and some downright ridiculous. What are yours?


I laughed multiple times watching these. Thank you :D

Loved all of these!! Thanks for sharing :)

Dear GOD woman...the Cats...the hands...the driving (that part was a bit scary)...love it! Thanks for the laughs. I

I still laugh at the "Garbage Truck, Garbage Truck" in vid 2. Great stuff!

When Sprinkles crept up at the end of the third reel, I was sure it was going to let out a huge burp!!! Maybe for Blooper Reel Four??

Thanks for the smiles! Blooper-ific!

In the dangerous category: I figured out how many carbs I'd need to bring up a nasty morning low, then *bolused* for them! The uh-oh moment came with Ping's final delivery beep. Thank goodness we had some tasty cereal on hand, since at that point I needed twice as many carbs as I'd figured.

My best blooper was realizing, as I extracted the pen from my abdomen, that the big-ass shot I gave myself was 18 units of HUMALOG, and not Lantus. Great that I figured it out right away, sad that there was no time to go shopping for chocolate cake.

Fun stuff! I enjoyed it all! :)

Thanks for brightening my day (i.e. vlog #2 = LOL and a big old snort! (which lead to more LOL at my snort...))

Charlotte just watched these with me...she LOVES Siah and thinks Sprinkles is pretty cool too! Thanks for the smiles and giggles today :)

Love it!!
Totally had to sing the whole song after the 'through it over your shoulder like a Continental soldier!"

LOL! Vlog #2 is still my favorite. My old favorite was:

"I'm not French, I don't give a sh!t!"

It was so random I found it hysterical. It made me LOL and I totally use it with my husband for my own random moments! ;-)

New fave: "Too far? Too close? Your mom."

Hee hee, you slay me Kerri! :-D


KERRI! I laughed so hard watching these ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for a good chuckle today.....my stomach is going to hurt tomorrow from reading all these BLOOPERS!

These are SO my favoite today.

Thanks for sharing.

When I went out with family to Thai food for my birthday and got so interested in conversation that I forgot to bolus, and the CGM was showing over 350, which is as high as it goes! And it took HOURS to get it back down again!

Much like e-i above, I gave myself 15 units of lantus instead of 5 at bedtime. I was sooooo brain-dead that night, but I realised as I pressed the injector what I had done. Who wants to eat for 15 units of insulin at 11pm??? NOT ME!! Fun was watching the obviously still brain dead me trying to figure out how many carbs that meant I was going to need-and how long I'd have to stay up checking my numbers since it was long acting insulin I'd just tripled up on. sheesh.
Just to put a cherry on the cake, I was visiting my mom, who was thereafter convinced her 40 year old diabetic daughter couldn't take of herself.

Histerical, Kerri! You just made my day! I just laughed SO much! Seriously, you make day to day life with diabetes manageable and I thank you and the rest of the DOC that I found you all and that I have someone to blog with and people who understand what living with D is like. :) Diabetes is a full time job, but it doesn't have to be a miserable life sentence... it is what we make it.

LOL! I will never get tired of YANNI! AWesome.

I love the bloopers!!!

Kerri, you are too cute (and funny)!

If I knew you IRL, I'd so want to be your best friend. lol

I have had diabetes for 43 years and a pump for 20 of those years. One of my oh-oh moments was coming into the house after mowing the lawn. I looked down and all I had attached to me was a piece of tubing with no pump in sight! I ran back outside frantically looking for my pump on the fresh-cut grass. With luck, I found it in one piece...not even chopped up by the lawn mower! Whew!

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