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D-Blog Week: Things Abby Hates.

Abby hates stuff.Abby's Take on D-Blog Week, Day Four:

I try not to think about these things all that often, but it sure does feel good to write them down and tell the world that sometimes diabetes just sucks, like, entirely. (Also, I realize I smushed a bunch of things into #10, so sue me.)

  1. I hate feeling high at the most inopportune moments. For example: any moment of any day, ever.
  2. I hate feeling low in the middle of something very important, like a lecture about trauma nursing which would probably be more beneficial to my future patients if I could focus.
  3. I hate the ugly marks my stupid pump sites leave on my body.
  4. I hate trying to find places to hide my pump in new outfits, and the way that a pump-in-the-pocket looks like I have an extra 5 inches of hips that I don’t really have. Cute.
  5. I hate waking up with a bg over 150 mg/dL and forcing myself to wait to eat my favorite meal of the day.
  6. I hate that I have to ingest so many more chemicals than people without diabetes in the form of fake sugar to drink a cup of coffee. (Truthfully I’d probably still use fake sugar without diabetes, but I’d like to have that choice.)
  7. I hate that I have to tell people I have diabetes, especially professors, employers, people who have a pulse, etc.
  8.  I hate that constant fear that people will not want to be my friend (platonic or otherwise) because my pancreas has been on strike for 13 years. Superficial or not, it hurts to think about.
  10. I hate that so many people are living this way every single day and there is no cure. I hate that this disease causes so much worry, controversy, and pain. I hate that I've put a pump site into a 6-year-old while she was crying alligator tears screaming for her mom. I effing hate diabetes. #rawr
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(This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week.  To participate, check out the details on Karen's blog!  And thanks, as always, to Karen for organizing such a great advocacy effort.)


Oh, goodness, I remember the first time that someone refused to kiss me on a date because they were afraid that they would catch diabetes. Sigh. It was in college, and the person was really really stupid, so I suppose it's better that the kiss never happened.

The pump site on the kid had to have been difficult Abby. And...cannot imagine Trauma Nursing Class while low.

You know what? I hate that stuff too! Well said!

# 9 is stop on – Nobody ever gets used to poking holes into then self


Great list Abby, I am with you 100%.

Great list, Abby. And thank you for #9. Non-PWDs lose sight of that and it's so true and so hard to explain - it always hurts, sucks, and is incredibly unnatural.

I would also like to add (if you don't mind):
The fear diabetes inflicts (on PDWs and loved ones) no matter how courageous you are...and the inescapable guilt it saddles PWDs with no matter how diligent and well-managed...

AMEN TO #9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THAT COMMENT!!!

I hate that people think you get used to the needles. No, you don't!

Surely you don't mean "alligator tears" in that last one, though . . . .

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