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The Word ...

Sometimes, after a week of poked-in-the-eye chaos and being blinded for a few days and needing to declare email bankruptcy and a few tangled-up work projects and booking this summer's insane travel schedule and finding that huge spider in the bathroom (but then not being able to find it because of my crumbled cornea so now I live in fear of that spider climbing up on the shower curtain and cutting me with my Lady Bic) ... sometimes I just need to remember that Bird is the word. 

I really do love this little bird.

And that happily looking forward always helps.



That is an awesome pic!

Kerri - she's getting so ... grown up!

She is just lovely. And her hair is going to be dark brown, and she's going to turn heads! :-)

What a cutie!

Such a gorgeous shot.

ahhhh... AMEN, sistah! She is the most beautiful one-year old, ever! :)

Today is one of those days where I can't even handle the cuteness!!

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