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The Friday Six: Birdday Edition.

The Friday Six: April 29, 2011 editionBusy, busy, busy.  Here's a rapid-fire Friday Six because any other blog post would ramble itself into oblivion.  Here we go ...

1.  So far this morning, I have baked 24 gluten-free cupcakes, three full gluten-filled cakes, and three dozen sugar cookies (shaped like birds) this morning.  Our daughter's "little first birthday party" has grown into a baking expedition my kitchen doesn't know how to handle.  Thankfully, this is the only type of cooking I am capable of, so bring on the elastic waistband pants!

2.  New columns are up at Animas for the month of April (sliiiiding in right under the wire with that one).  The first is about celebrating first birthdays, and the second is in homage to what happens when you consume an entire bag of sugar-free gummy bears. (Also, completely unrelated but sort of related: I'm looking for some vlog ideas.  Are there any diabetes-related vloggy bits you'd be interested in seeing?)

3.  A woman I met recently is searching for some kindred spirits.  Her young son is living with type 1 diabetes and Angelman's Syndrome, and she is looking for other people who are managing both conditions.  If you have any experience with Angelman's and diabetes, please email me so I can connect you with my friend.  Much appreciated if you can help spread this message along - the DOC reaches pretty far, and there has to be someone else out there who is looking to connect.  Thanks!

4.  While I didn't wake up at 4 am to watch the royal wedding this morning, I did Google Kate Middleton's dress right after I had coffee.  And I must admit - the first thing I thought was "Wow.  What a pretty bride!"  And the second was, "Man, she could really hide an insulin pump in that skirt."  Which caused me to go picking through my wedding album.  :)

5.  I'm not sure if you've been following the WEGO Health "Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge," but if you haven't, you should be!  Editor extraordinaire, Amanda Dolan, has been offering up daily blogging prompts that people within the health blog communities are snagging.  Even if you didn't participate during the course of the challenge, you can revisit any of the prompts if you're having a writer's block day.  Which I will need to do, once I'm done baking. 

6.  And six.  I had the pleasure of attending two different diabetes meet-ups this week (one in Rhode Island and one way out in Connecticut), and I feel revived in a diabetes sense.  I feel like if I go too long without a good diabetes meet-up, I fall into the burnout cycle more quickly. So thanks to my RI and CT friends for being pick-me-ups this month.  I'll be sharing more details about the meet-ups later next week, once the baking dust settles here.

Off to finish preparing for our party tomorrow!  Have a great weekend!


Have fun at the par-taaaay!

I also can bake up a storm (cake pops!) but am horrible at cooking a proper dinner!

Please tell BSparl happy birthday from me and let her know that I am sorry her gift did not arrive in time. I am still waiting for it to arrive here!! Boo!

Happy baking! :) Can't wait to see pictures of your creations. And I hope BSparl has a fantastic birthday party.


Have fun! I often fantasize about my wedding and where I will my pump etc. When I saw her dress too, I found myself asking where I would keep my pump too lol. Funny on how I look at clothes now lol

My goodness, I'm tuckered just reading the six. Thanks for the WEGO tip though, I will indeed check it out! Oh, Happy Birdday!

Oooh, I missed the Friday Sixes! And yay for BSparl! I also rock at baking, but I also rock at eating batter and nursing a migraine afterwards for my excessive consumption of sugar. Do I wish I was in your position now, Kerri-all that baking! It's like a dream come true!

Funny, today I posted about eating cake batter...

Oh, I was thinking about the VLOG question while driving my mini-van around town yesterday (I know...not glamorous). Anyway...what about some DOC Karaoke? I know that Scully had a great idea of getting something started after my HORRIBLE attempt the other day. It would be kinda fun...don't ya think?

Thank you so much for coming down for the meet-up, it was so great having you there with us!!

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