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Earth Day and Diabetes.

Nothing says "Earth Day" like stumbling upon this awesome photo (and caption) on Facebook:

"Using my infusion site protective cap as a guitar pick... total D-rockstar status!"

Jessica writes a blog at J's Adventures in T1 Land, has type 1 diabetes, and is an excellent example of d-cycling (diabetes recycling).  Do you reuse your diabetes supplies in any way?  (Or am I the only one who has used clipped syringes as water guns, glucose tab jars to store whey protein, and pump caps as cat toys?) 

How do you keep your diabetes green?


I have always wondered about recycling/reusing diabetes supplies. The thing is, helping my daughter manage her diabetes is enough without the "guilt" of not being greener. It would be great if the D-community and the medical and recycling industries could find a way to recycle tubing, etc. I am glad there are those dedicated D-souls out there who can find inventive ways to reuse. Rock on, Jessica!

Glucose tab tubes are just the right size to store laundry quarters.

I put beads in my One Touch test strip containers and tape them shut. I throw them on the floor and within one hour the cat has found them and smacks them around for hours!!

I turn my used d-supplies into cat toys too. K.C. particularly likes the spent drums from my Compact Plus meter. Actually, she loves pump tubing too - but I'm trying my best to discourage her from that!!

I use Comfort infusion sets....less plastic waste for the landfill.

When I'm away from home or when my sharps container is full, I store my used lancets in my empty one touch test strip containers.

And I always feel bad when I see what big box of supplies come every month-all that wasted cardboard! And the plastic from the lancets! I'm not particularly careful about being green, but I do recycle and it bugs me that they can't find a way to recycle the plastic off the lancets-all that plastic for such a tiny little needle!

hey Kerri. I've been a bit of a "stalker" around here for awhile. I'm a medical nerd beyond belief and have been for a long time (well...14 of my 15 years lol) Diabetes has captured my attention (I am a writer, currently working on a piece featuring a burnt-out diabetic teen) Sometimes this blog is a source of inspiration (writing or not!). Sometimes it's a little sad; sometimes it's time-wasting silliness; sometimes it's just a moment to "awww" at a cute picture of birdy. But it helps me get into the heads of my characters and my T1 friends (Jess and I are online buddies). So, as a PWoD (person without diabetes) I am inspired and I learn from you all the time.

I always use my test strips canisters for "on-the-go" sharps containers. Other than that, I wish I didn't have so much diabetes waste! I do at least recycle all the cardboard boxes my supplies come in! :)

Yay Jess!

It is such an honor to be even just mentioned on your blog! Thank you so much! I have always loved your blog and so, this means a lot!

Rock on to all my 'betes buddies and all type 3's on here! We're all D-Rock Stars!

Type 2 on pills, so I don't have so much d-waste. But I feel guilty about putting my used test strips in the trash at work. I sometimes see the cleaning crew guys reach their hand in the trash cans and grabbing the trash out. I so want to warn them not to do that. So I'm always careful to place the caps back on the lancets and put them in the empty pill bottles before tossing them. I sometimes image archeologists finding the bottles in a dig 2000 years from now and thinking "wtf".

We participate in the EcoPod recycling program. Costs $8 to recycle 50 pods.

We also use some pods to make decorations such as Christmas ornaments and Spooky sPODers and PUMPkins.

The plastic tray that the pods are packaged in are great for holding paint while crafting.

And heaven forbid I throw away one of the boxes that each ten pack of pods comes in. Q uses these to organize her stuff and to become homes for stuffed animals.

I think that since we started pumping we have far less waste.

I saved all my sons lancet caps for a couple months and brought them to the day care and they made a huge type of mosaic that they hung in the hall way! It looks great!

I wish all my D stuff was not an impact on our Earth. But I have no alternative.

I do use a gallon milk jug container (plastic) as my collection container. I don't buy the red plastic thing.

I do wish that more municipalities had more bio hazmat drop offs.

Hi! I've given you a blog award :D Come and grab it from my blog: http://kaitake.blogspot.com/2011/04/blog-awards-yay.html

I do some things I know I'm not supposed to, but I do these things because I feel so guilty about the waste associated with diabetes. I change my lancet very rarely (ok, this is just laziness). I reuse pump resevoirs and insulin from my pump (throwing it away just seems absurd!). I let infusion sets stay in for an extra day, provided they look healthy. I use test strips past their expiration date (as long as they are kept stored dry and unopened, they are fine!). I recycle everything that can be recycled. One of the reasons I went with Medtronic was that I could recycle the Mio infusion set pods.

When I was running and after school program, we were doing a unit on the 5 senses. When we got to the sense of smell, I doused cotton balls with scents (vanilla flavoring, coffee, orange extract, etc.). The lids were tight and didn't let the smells out.
My mom mom stores safety pins in her empty test strip containers.

I use my used tubing to tie up tomato plants and just used some to install lighting in a mini greenhouse! Plus, the unused cap that comes in the infusion set makes a wickedly awesome cat toy!

Rock on, Jess!! Awesome pix!!

When I was younger, and still playing with Barbies... (this wasn't yesterday!) I would use the end caps on the syringes for the Barbies' cups/glasses!! Perfect size!

Put a hole in the top of a glucose tab jar and you've got yourself a piggy bank too!

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