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Through the Lens on Thursday.

(Nothing like a little literary consonance to help dress up a blog post title.)

The last two weeks have been a little travel-heavy, and March isn't doing any of that "out like a lamb" business, according to my calendar.  We're all lion, all the time, it seems.   But I like that; I enjoy staying busy and working and connecting as often as I can.  (And thanks to my incredibly supportive family, I'm able to scurry off as needed.) 

But I'm a little exhausted, so I'm hoping my camera can shed a little more light on where I've been and what's been going on. 

Bloggers in NYC - just some of the group that met up for a Pharma discussion group.
Mike, Dana, Kerri, Manny, and Kelly

An overnight in NYC brought me back in the company of some of my favorite PWD (not all are pictured here) for a consulting roundtable with a pharmaceutical company.  Whatever the task at hand happens to be, it's always awesome to get together with my extended d-family.  (And, of course, there were some hard-earned cupcakes!  Which amazes me, because my blood sugars are NEVER better than when I'm hanging out with my fellow PWD.  Strange.  It's like my pancreas finally feels like it has friends.)

And when I came home, I realized that our little bird is close to marking a new milestone in her independence, and I'm so, so proud (and so blown away by how quickly time has flown by since she burst onto the scene).

Getting very, very, very, very big. Like has a stock portfolio and a Vespa and calls me "Kerri."

In like a lion, and out like a ... a lion.  I'm looking forward to taking many naps in April.  ;)


I've been so busy too! I need a vacation. LOL

She's finally going to learn how to turn on the TV?! :)

Hide the remote!

"friends" always make a difference... even to a pancreas :)

"It's like my pancreas finally feels like it has friends."


I am sure that line will come to mind the next time we get together with the other D Families in our area and I see Sugar Boy run off with the other D Kids. :)

Here's hoping for naps in April!!

I've been so busy too! I need a vacation. LOL

"It's like my pancreas finally feels like it has friends."

I envision a bunch of no good, unemployed pancreas bums warming their hands by a fire inside a rusty garbage can... Maybe even reminiscing how hard their jobs were...

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