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From Abby: Positive > Negative.

Abby (the person) queued up this blog post and it made me smile, not only because I agree with her points, but also because I wrote a very similar post back in 2009.  (Right down to the bullet points.  Ah, how I love a bullet point list.  Abby is a girl after my own non-functioning pancreas.)  Diabetes can suck at times, but there are moments that make you look on the bright side.

Take it away, my kindred editorial spirit!

*   *   *

There is a lot to be said about the down sides of diabetes. Like, a real lot. Possibly more than I can even write about in one day. And those downsides are shoved in our faces on a daily basis.  That part sucks, too.

But I like to think about the up side, the sunny side, the silver lining, the greener pastures. It’s simply more fun. Here’s my list:

  • Diabetes camp
  • Putting dia- in front of any word and making it funny
  • Knowing how my body responds to food
  • Having an excuse to get regular pedicures
  • Realizing how terrible Chinese food really is for you
  • Diabetes camp (Editor's note: I love CBC.  I'd list it twice, too.)
  • More medical knowledge than your average bear
  • Meeting other people with diabetes (see also: diabetes camp)
  • Always having a backup topic to write papers about
  • Not being grossed out by blood and needles
  • Having a lot of technology to accessorize with stickers
  • Constantly being aware of my health, body, and knowing when an illness is coming far before it actually comes
  • Walking to cure my own disease and people think I’m being philanthropic
  • Camps for kids with diabetes Abby makes a mean bullet list.  Yo.
  • Meeting some amazing people who have changed my life that I wouldn’t know otherwise
  • Justifying the purchase of new accessories to carry my test kit in
  • Passing exams/quizzes about diabetes in nursing school without studying
  • Having numerical (high blood sugar) motivation proving it’s time to work out again
  • Hearing my 1st graders at work saying “that’s Abby’s insulation pump so she can eat snack”

I’m sure there are more. Some are funny, some sincere, some absolutely ridiculous. You may relate. Or you may not. I’m just not all that comfortable with focusing on the negatives, diabetes or otherwise.

Next time you see a completely unjustified 351 mg/dl on your meter, or feel a little weird and see a 32 mg/dl and wonder how you are still a functioning human being, make a happy list. It’ll help, I promise!

*   *   *

A little happy goes a long way.  What would you put on your list?


My happy list:
1. WHen my friends come up to me and ask if I can test their BG because they aren't feeling well (I love playing doctor!)
2. Having a really good excuse to stuff my face with winkies
3. Getting permission to eat in class
4. Having a reason to actually exercise
5. Noticing what is "healthy" and what isn't
6. Knowing that coffee keeps my BG up
7. Another thing to fill up my MedicAlert bracelet

I love "Walking to cure my own disease and people think I’m being philanthropic", and "Justifying the purchase of new accessories to carry my test kit in". I just did that last one this weekend! :D

Flashing a knowing smile when someone comments, "I didn't know anyone wore pagers anymore" when someone spies my pump on my hip. I just tell them I'm old fashioned.

*getting to ask my 9 yr old, in public... "are you high?" and getting amusingly horrified stares when he says "i think so"

*talking about his pump like it's a person ... "hey, what's wrong with Denny?" ... "does Denny need a snack?" and impersonating him "bee-boop-beep-bop" ...

*getting to know my son on a whole other level that i wouldn't have ever had the chance to know.

* Being able to connect instantly with strangers/PWD and share our war stories
* Being alive now and having access to all the advances in D-management (I heart my MM CGM)
* The DOC (since I never got to go to DCamp, it’s the closest thing I have to that experience)
* A reason to always have chocolate with me and a valid reason NOT to share it!
* A whole team of professionals looking out for me and my health
* When my husband points out people with pumps (I never notice them…)
* The love of my husband, family and true friends who not only put up with all my D-craziness, but watch out for me, support my efforts, and cheer me on every day.

And now I’m gonna have to steal the pedicure one Abby the person – THANKS!

I love kids! The "insulation pump" is precious.


You have NO IDEA how many Coach, and Vera Bradley, and Kate Spade and so on clutches Lauren has because she'd look it over, eye me and say, "Boy, I could really fit all my D supplies in this one easily!" She's a sly one, Ms. Lauren!

Having the excuse to eat anytime, anywhere!

More importantly, I found an awesome job and awesome friends because of diabetes. It may have changed my life in a negative way, but it's changed my life in a really positive way too. :)

I love this! Sometimes it amazes me how aware I am of my body and all that it is doing. No one else thinks about glycogen stores and hard workouts. Why would they?

And, going back to school for Nutrition & Dietitics, I totally love having lots of test questions about diabetes. Can you say A?

Abby, I think we would be good friends. :)

100% justified regular pedicures and guilt free designer accessories are the BEST! :) Glad someone else appreciates that "plus" to having diabetes.

LOVE the happy list :)

Telling her older sister to stop pushing her around, "You're hurting my pancreas!"

I am thankful to have diabetes because it puts my health at a priority that it wouldn't have been otherwise. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have kept such a stern eye on my diet and exercise if I didn't have this disease. So in that way, I'm thankful. =)

I also 2nd having an excuse to carry around a huge purse! I can carry all my D-stuff, glasses, umbrella, and a water bottle. Whenever we go to the movies, I'm always to the one who sneaks in snacks. ;-)

Oh, and I'm still trying to find a way to write off pedicures as a medical expense, but alas no luck.

I love the happy list, too! It IS more fun than the other list! Our list is quite long... and I think that as long as the happy list is the longer one then we're in good shape!

On my happy list:
Being able to read sixuntilme.com for daily entertainment and inspiration!

Ha. I just ordered Chinese food right before I read this post. I know it's going to majorly screw things up, but hey...at least I don't have to clean up dishes tonight. I guess I...dia-compromised?

-My 1st and 2nd grade students using the explanation "That is Nicole's pump, because her body attacks her paspargus (they forget the word pancreas).
-The never-ending "Hunny, what can I get you" from my boyfriend when I'm low and burst into tears :-)

Thanks for sharing your happy list. LOVE diabetes camp (Camp Barton/Joslin forever!); wouldn't give up the people I've met because of diabetes; not clear on the pedicure thing - help?; totally relate to not focusing on the negative!! Thanks again.

I love this!! ...I teach preschool (prek-3), and at first they would point at my insulin pump and say "that's Ms. Rebekah's 'medicine'"......that is until one day one of my little ones told another little friend that "Ms. Rebekah has her medicine in her pocket," and I freaked at the thought of having to clear up the panic of one of the parents of a child in my class if they were to go home and say that I have 'medicine' in my pocket!!! ---Ever since that day, I have taught them how to say 'Diabetes,' and so they call my pump my diabetes and ask if "my diabetes is in my pocket" or ask "where my diabetes is today" ....pretty cute. :)

So I never thought of the purse or pedi ideas...Thanks for that.
I believe I will need to use them both this weekend!

Shopping for a purse is my favorite. Opening every purse in the store and reviewing it for how well my stuff will organized in it. Not really paying attention to the style.

One time I purchased a ugly zebra pattern purse because it had cool pockets inside and outside.

My husband wanted to know where the heck I got such a ugly purse.

The fact that I feel like I have defeated diabetes for a small moment in time... because I just started "pumping" this week and I couldn't be happier!

Several years ago, when I coached my daughter's soccer team, and we would be out of town at a tournament. Some of the parents on the other team would see my pump and ask me if I was a doctor on call! Wow, what a status symbol!

Yay for happy lists!

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