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Bloopers: 2011.

I've been recording vlogs on my YouTube channel for a few years now, and for Animas for the last 15 months, but for all the footage I've recorded, there are only a few actually usable minutes.  The rest of that nonsense?  The wicked verbal stumblings and the puppets? 

Blooper reels:


Always love the bloopers!

Does your pump hang low?
Does it wobble to and fro?
Can you tie it in a knot?
Can you tie it in a bow?

(I had to Google the lyrics to confirm this, but there are seven verses to that song. Seven! Madness)

Thanks for the morning laugh :)

Love it! thanks for the laugh!

oh great, now I'm going to have that son stuck in my head allllll day.

Sometimes I worry about you. This is one of those times.

Also, I will excuse the short length of this blooper reel only because you included some BSparl footage.

Thanks for the laugh, Kerri! I'm struggling to recover from a low, so I needed the pastime to regain enough brain power for work :-)

Mike - Thanks! :)

Chris - SEVEN? That's a tragedy. Seven verses??

Michelle - LOL! Sorry, my friend.

Sara - Dude, how many mistakes do you think I make? ;) (Many. So yes, the reel should have been longer.)

Heidi - Hope you've come up!

Love the Unicorn!!! Bigger than the pictures made it look too.

Great way to start a day watching these.

Thanks for not being afraid to show us the "whoops" moments.

Ha, when I read this on my RSS feed, the attached video was actually a trailer for the movie "Murderball". I thought, 'well, that's definitely a blooper reel...of sorts.'

Thanks for the laugh this morning. I MUST remember to show this to C when she gets home tonite...I was telling her about the unicorn the other night and she didn't believe me...she's gonna love it!


I'm so excited that the movie of dancing BSparl made it!! That pretty much just made my day :)

This was awesome, and OMG if Bsparl isnt just the cutest thing?!

JUstice was watching and I said "THATS KERRI". He giggled :)

Thank you for the much needed laugh this morning Kerri!
I need a unicorn puppet!!!

Thanks for sharing - but not NEARLY long enough. We need some more - and some more cute footage of BSparl

Sitting in the Honors Lounge at school watching this and wondering why everyone's looking at me until I realize that they have NO idea why I'm laughing my head off...if they don't realize that I'm not actually a wacko...I don't know how to end it, but something funny was floating around in my head just a second ago.

Great reel, Kerri! It should've been longer!

I had to hide a wedding in Vegas last weekend. Don't tell Meredith.

Whatever about the blooper reel, that baby is. too. freaking. cute. Want to nom on her cheeks.

kerri you are crazy and that first blooper killed me i laughed so hard cause you are too funny.....

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