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Dear Birdy,

Sweetheart, you are ten months old today.  We're already thinking about your first birthday party (which makes me a lunatic) and I'm excited to play outside on the swing set this spring.  But these moments right now are awesome, watching you become the little person you will be.

Nothing is safe anymore.  I blink and you slingshot yourself across the room, giggling.  A few weeks ago, I was trying to entice you to creep across your bedroom floor, but now you are unstoppable.  I've never seen a critter scuttle with the kind of awkward intensity you possess, and the fact that even if you end up fumbling and headbutting the floor, you're still up and moving forward in a matter of seconds. I think your forehead is made of steel.  Or whatever material super bouncy balls are made of. 

And despite the pile of toys in the basket in the living room, you want to play with the Forbidden Items:  The remote, my pump, the outlets, and my cell phone.  Even if I pour the entire bucket of wooden blocks onto the floor and they make that lovely wood-against-wood clattering sound, your head whips around if the cell phone lights up and you're off to try to lick it.  God forbid I try to bolus in your presence; you're mouth pouts into a perfect "O" as you reach for the awesome beeping machine.  (Usually scoring a grip on the tubing and flapping it around while you laugh and say "bababa.") 

Ten very strange months old.

Your vocal stylings continue to impress me, my lovely bird.  You've figured out just what that baby monitor camera does, and in the wee hours of the morning, Daddy and I hear you starting to stir in your crib.  "Bah bah bah."  And then we look at the video monitor screen and see you staring intently back at us, opening your little rosebud mouth to carefully and clearly say "Dada."  At which point, Chris sighs and smiles and says, "I'll get her."  And then I am quietly thankful that you don't quite say "Mama" with such clarity yet.

I'm not sure when it's going to happen, but I see walking in our near future.  Which is terrifying, because when you stand up on your chubby little legs, it amazes me that you're still such a pipsqueak.  We were just at the pediatrician two weeks ago and you are still on the peanut side, but like a peanut with leg and belly rolls.  (Basically, you look freshly baked and I think if I poke you in the belly, you will say "hee hee!")  But we're ready, with the child-proofing in full swing here at home. 

And, like your mama, you love books.  But while I'm more of a reader, you let us know you favor a certain volume by trying to eat it.  "All the hippos go berserk!" I read out loud, and you clap your hands and then try to chompy on the pages.  You love being read to, and you love doing your own version of reading, as well.  (But I love the look of grown up concentration when you hold the book on your own, furrow your brow, and turn the pages with practiced ease.  With the book upside down.)

Reading is fun.  Even upside down.

You make everything feel like it's new and shiny and covered in sticky fingerprints, and I love you more than I ever thought possible. 



I'm very happy to learn that your beautiful baby girl likes to read... I want to tell you something funny: in France,when someone reads a book (and likes to read the books)we say that he/she "dévore le livre" that means "eats the book"...

She's precious. And I love the book shot. :) She'll be a super smart reader.

I'm impressed everyday with the creativity of your writing style! I love your descriptive sentences! And, your little one is just as beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your daughter's life with us. My two grandsons asked me why I had to poke holes in my fingers? I told them it was to make sure my blood was still red. They were OK with that answer. My 4 year old grand daughter saw me checking my BG and when I shoved my pricked finger in my mouth to catch that last drop, she exclaimed, "You're nasty Poppy!" Not sure how I'll explain it to her.

Awwwww. Happy ten months, BSpa!

AWWW! ENJOY ... cannot believe the year mark is coming up!

adorable. one of the few pieces of advice my mom gave me was to be sure to separate where you keep toys and where you keep books so the baby learns books are not toys. just this weekend, my 17 year old was hysterically laughing as she recalled that she scribbled in "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and thereafter, whenever, and i mean whenever, we read the book, we began with "no, no, Anne!"

I canNOT believe how fast she is closing in on the one-year mark. I'm sure it must feel like you blinked and she's 10 months. Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy 10 months little buggy...auntie loves you very much....

My daughter LOVED the same book your daughter is "reading." :) She's just beautiful, Kerri.

She is just beautiful. What a wonderful letter to her!

Ohmygoodness! I cannot believe how simply beautiful she is. She's not my daughter & I could just stare at her for hours. How do you get any work done?!?!

Oh, to have a babe in the house again! You are blessed beyond words. I am so thankful you realize that and are cherishing every moment with that precious baby girl!!

Gave me goose-bumps. You are all such wonderful blessings to each other in the Sparl house!

These letters to BSparl make me so full of joy :). She's beautiful and her mom is a rockstar.
I remember those first baby-in-the-house posts about snappy bits on her clothes, and as much as SHE is growing, you guys are growing too as hard-working rockstar parents.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Happy 10 Month, BSparl!

I love those bright baby books! My little guy is on his second version of the 'Trucks' book. (The first one is being held together with duct tape!) I haven't seen the BIG book before, tho'. I'll have to be on the lookout for it! I, too, love the 'book phase' they're in!!! (NO batteries req'd...)

Hi Kerri,

BSparl is just precious!

All is well here.

Just thinking of you today...


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