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Today is my birthday.  There's a good amount in my life that needs to be worked on, but there's so much that's great without effort.  Like my family.  And my littlest bird.  And all the support and inspiration I get from you guys.  I'm really grateful.

I love this kid.

And I am happy.


This is a precious picture! Happy Birthday! 29 (again), I presume...:-)

Happy Birthday, Kerri!

Happy Birthday, Kerri. I hope this year is one of the best for you. Your blog has made such a difference in my life. I am so grateful I found you! Happy, Happy!

At first glance, I thought you'd put the girl out in the snow without winter clothes...then I realized it's sand...and a beach...and how nice that sounds in the middle of winter.

Have a fabulous day with that little one :)

Happy Birthday Kerri!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear Kerry!

A good oppurtunity to thank you for the good feeling of not being alone with my d-stuff you give me every day.

Greets from Germany,

Happy Birthday, Kerri! Enjoy your happiness (and a cupcake). Thank you for all you do :)

Thanks Kerri, you are helping me through this T1 crap in more ways than you know. Have a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday, Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Happy Birthday, Kerri! There are so many of us out here who are grateful for your presence in our lives! Today we celebrate you!

Wishing you a fabulous day and an exceptional year!!!

Happy Birthday Kerri.

Thanks for all you have done to help your fellow PWD.

Happy birthday, Kerri! I hope you have a fabulous one!!

I'm very happy that you're happy! You deserve it...and I wish you a wonderful birthday full of ONLY things that make you happy. :)

Happy Birthday!!!

I wish you a winderful birthday!

Happy BIrthday Kerri! Have a great one!

Happy birthday Kerri! Lots of hugs! And a big heart-felt "Thank You"!

Many, many happy returns Kerri!

Happy Birthday from the DMV...the happiest place on earth.

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Happy Birthday and God Bless!

Happy Birthday Kerri!!!

Have a fantastical birthday!!!!

Happiest Birthday, Kerri!

Kappy Hirthday Barry (a birthday wish via my love of spoonerisms).

Happy Birthday Kerri! May all your birthday wishes come true. A big thank you to all you have give us out here in the DOC! xoxo


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I like that when I roll my mouse over the picture it says "I love this kid."

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Happy Birthday!!! Today is my daughters bday too....she'll be thrilled to know you 2 share a day; her and I love keeping up w/ your blog, you are a great inspiration to her (she's 11 today!!)

Happy Happy Birthday! May your day be full of perfect 110's without a spike after cake. :)

Happy Birthday Kerri! Hope your having a wonderful Day.

Happiest birthday to you!

Happy Happy B'day !!! Have an amazing day

B'day hugs from Norway

May God bless you as you have blessed so many others. Happy Birthday. YOU are a gift to US.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is wonderful!

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Kerri! You inspire me!

Happy Birthday!!!! You are one amazing woman!

Happy Birthday, Kerri!!!!!!

Happy birthday, Kerri! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday! Know that you touch so many lives with your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. It helps me to cope with my daughter's diabetes and it makes me laugh. By the way, your daughter is adorable!!!!!

Happy Birthday, momma!

Happy Birthday Kerri Dear!!! I hope you had a wonderful day, and cheers to many many more!!!

Thank you guys so much!!! xoxo

Happy Birthday Kerri and thanks for the great blog!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kerri! Reading your blog has helped me understand what my son deals with, and I'm so greatful for that!

Happy, Happy Day of Celebrating All that is Kerri and the Day She Was Born!!! Thank you for all that you give, and offer, to the DOC and the world. It was such a relief to find sixuntilme, and to read your words. May your year be filled with all kinds of goodness and wonder, giggles and CUPCAKES. xoxo p.s. it's still your birthday here in Pacific time. ;)

Happy Birthday Kerri!!

Horray!! Happy, Happy Birthday, Kerri! /cheers

Many happy returns on the day!

Happy Belated Birthday Kerri.

Happy belated birthday dear Kerri. You have the same birthday as my son-in-law in NC, married to my daughter with diabetes.
Hope you had a grand one!

Happy Birthday, Kerri!

All the best to you and your sweet family!!

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