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FYI: Animas Cartridge Recall.

As an Animas Ping pumper myself, I wanted to share the letters that Animas Corporation is sending out to their pumpers who may have been impacted by the proactive insulin pump cartridge recall.  The affected lot numbers  are contained in these letters, so you can check and see if your supplies are on the recall list:

Letter to patients
Letter to health care professionals

These letters were provided by the Director of Global Communications, Caroline Pavis, and these proactive moves by Animas make me proud to be working with their company.  Just wanted to pass the info on!

(More info on TuDiabetes, Diabetes Mine, and Trials and Tribulations of a Type 1 Diabetic.)


When I click the patient letter, I get a 404: error.

Sorry about that, Sarah. The links should work now! :)

Thank you so much Kerri! Hubby has one of the affected lot numbers.

thanks for posting this! I've been trying to figure out why I've been so over the map lately...felt like I wasn't getting enough insulin but never thought of a hardware problem! hopefully this will help a lot!

Thank you SO much for posting about this Kerri! We were lucky enough NOT to have any of these lot numbers, that I am aware of currently anyway. We were having a lot of problems a few weeks ago with very high bgs for no appearent reason, but then about a week or so later, he started showing symptoms of a bad cold, so I just chalked it up to that. I'm still figuring it was just the cold, but, who knows, maybe we had just finished up a bad batch of cartridges or something before I saw your post about this. Anywho, thanks so much!! I'll be sure to pass this information along.

Thanks for sharing this. Have not heard from Animas myself yet. I *did* hear just yesterday, from a T3, about an alcohol swab recall -- and it's the kind I have! Here is the link she sent me: http://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls/ucm239219.HTM

thanks for posting! hadn't heard anything from animas about this and i do have the cartridges!!

Ugh! I have 3 boxes of these lot numbers.... thanks for the heads up. I'll await the letter and return box!

Maybe I'm alone here but I'M PISSED! I've been experiencing high numbers on and off for weeks. It was driving myself mad trying to figure out why I was riding a roller coaster of BS. Turns out all 4 boxes I have left are faulty. The letter I got stated they "will send replacements NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 25th"! I would expect a better response time from a company supplying life saving medical equipment. With shipping, I might not see the new supplies for a couple weeks. I have one 'good' cartridge remaining.

Also, I only recieved ONE email and no phone call. If this were a car company with a faulty safety feature, we would be hearing about this in the national media.

Thanks for posting.
Without the DOC I might not have heard about this.
Did you get a chance to ask the director why there's nothing on the Animas web site? Why no press release? Why the super secret recall?

I found out about this yesterday, but not from Animas. I tried to find the lot numbers, but didn't get them until today, and not from Animas.

This isn't really "proactive" at all. It's simply not legally mandated yet.
Animas is taking a minimum action in "reaction" to reports they got from customers.
People are getting sick needlessly.

I read about this on the CWD forum, but was very dismayed when I called my distributor and was told they knew nothing about it! I wish Animas had been as vigilant about alerting their distributors as they were the customers who buy their supplies directly from them. I'm hoping that if this ever happens again, they will be more inclusive with their alerts.

YOU ROCK Kerri!!! Thank you.

i just got my replacement cartridges today. love animas (even though i am considering an omnipod, the only reason being i feel like pinocchio). thankfully i hadn't used any of the recalled cartridges yet.

I got The Letter today and I must admit I've never been so happy to be involved in a recall....the last few weeks make way more sense now.

Never got the recall info. I found the info on Children with Diabetes web site. When I called Anmas they said all lot numbers starting with B are recalled. We should be getting new cartridges in a few days. I'm not happy with Animas right now.

I was looking for the lot numbers and couldn't find them on the Animas website! thank goodness there are D bloggers to fill in the gaps.

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