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Photo Collections on my Blackberry.

The photos on my real camera are easily grouped - Thanksgiving dinner, putting up our Christmas tree, holiday dinners, trip to the aquarium ... clumps of photos fall neatly into event categories. But the photos on my phone are completely random.  Picking through these photos made me laugh out loud. 

THESE are the moments I chose to capture??

A drive to Boston
This was from a drive into Boston that was warm, sunny, and with a gorgeous blue sky.  Safe driver that I am, I snapped a photo.  SAFELY.  This was safe.  Ish.

Cat in antlers.  Like you do.
This photo was from a Reader's Digest cover in December.  I took a photo of it and sent it to Chris, saying "I promise not to become this festive with the cats."  And his response was "I saw that cover the other day and almost sent it to YOU!"  (Regardless of the addition of Ms. BSparl, I'm still sort of the crazy cat lady.)

Dexcom sitting pretty in the car
This is a shot of my Dexcom receiver, lodged above the gear shift in my car.  I usually have the receiver stashed in my purse, but for longer car rides, I like having it out and readily accessible.  This is the closest I can get to Charlie Kimball's set up, with the thing lashed to the steering wheel.  ;)

This cat needs a carseat.
And what Blackberry photo album is complete without a shot of Siah trying to hang out in the car seat?  (Even when we gave her the "No!  Get out of there, Siah!" admonishment, she just sat there, licking her paw and giving us an inferiority complex.)

The great Kissing Balls of Rhode Island
And lastly, the Kissing Balls of Rhode Island. Only $19.95!!  (I actually circled my car back to take a picture of this sign. Only in Rhode Island.)

After looking at all these photos, I'm itching to give the Diabetes 365 project another go.  Last year, I tried but failed miserably because I just didn't have the time to upload the photos.  (I have about 200 out of 365, lost somewhere on the multiple memory cards for my camera.)  But I really love the project, and the images that come as a result of it, so I think I'd like to give it another go.  Anyone doing Diabetes 365 this year?


I am! But I am doing it simply through my iPod and the Flickr app. It's so easy to set up a reminder on my calendar, take a pic, and immediately upload it to Flickr. If I tried to rely on using our real camera, transferring the pics to my computer, then manually uploading them, it would never happen!

Here's what I have so far:


OK,for some reason all I can think to say say is,PUCKER UP & thanks for the LOLs!

Hee hee....you said "kissing balls..."

Yes! I'm trying it for the first time. Super excited about it!

1. And then you got my Christmas card and felt bad for making the joke about the festive cats.

2. I was going to try again starting 1/1 but I already missed a day. So now I am starting either on my dx anniversary or my birthday.

Sara(aah) - LOL! I have to send you (and Karen) the photo I have of Siah wearing the baby's Christmas hat. My cats got all kinds of festive this year. So no, I don't feel bad about making the joke about festive cats. I AM that joke. :p

I can see why you were so excited about the deal @ RI. You must have had a .04 discount there or something to bring the price from $19.99 to $19.95! Sweet!

I keep Dex in the tray beside the gearshift along with the Ping just in case i get a high alarm and have to bolus while driving. We can't use handheld devices (phone and BBs) while driving in Maryland, but I'm sure they didn't intend us not to check our blood sugar while driving. I've gotten good at driving with my knee and doing finger sticks at the same time.

There was a sign at a gardening center in town that said "Kissing balls and mistletoe are guaranteed to work".

Would a photo of a baby bottle being warmed in a Sharps container qualify for Diabetes 365?? I had to laugh at myself yesterday for actually doing this... and then wondering why I didn't think of it sooner!

We must have a similar sense of humor for taking pictures of signs. I've turned the car around many times, especially for the Funeral Home called "Smith and Stiff" and for the nut store in North Carolina called "Try my Nuts!"

I'm going to try again this year. I couldn't start on January 1, then my Dx day is January 3. I'm with Sara - - maybe I'll start on my birthday (June).

I tried to start last year, and failed so badly, but I did start on 1/1, but am mostly just using pics from my phone. And special days will have pics from my camera. So far so good, but ask me again in a month. And as for your Boston picture, my roommate and I always take pictures on our way back into town, and whoever is the passenger has a phone in each hand.

I am doing 365...although..it may take me more than 365 days to complete it! Sometimes, it is hard to look at D through my camera lens..

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