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Oh Sh ...

Oh shit, she's crawling!

This looks like trouble to me.  :) 

Welcome to the world of mobility, birdy.


She is TOO cute. Yup, you're in trouble now, Mommy! :D

oh my days kerri she is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Here comes trouble!

She is adorable!!!

I am smiling like crazy!!! SO CUTE!!

Ahhh!!! So cute! You're in trouble now! :) Good luck!

OMGWTFBBQ (did I type that right??) She is growing waaayyy to fast!! Enjoy getting a lot more exercise without even having to go to the gym. :)

Oh my gosh, she can't be that old!! She is such a doll.

As everyone else has noted, she really is far too cute. Adorable!

This haunts me. NOT allowed for my baby.

Too cute! What a smiley baby! :D

Two words: Good luck! She is gorgeous though. Get ready to run!!

Ohmygoodness! She is simply gorgeous! BTW, my sister said to tell you that you're about to not need to go to the gym for a while. She says chasing a toddler is a lot like a marathon. :P

Oh Sh. . . is right! Your life just got even MORE entertaining! Welcome to the jungle! She looks so proud of herself!


Oh, BSparl gets cuter by the day. And now it is time for her mommmy and daddy to get down on the floor with her or be child proofing everything and I mean everything. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs....
Happy Birthday, BSparl

omg what a cutie patootie!!

I swear she gets cuter with every single picture you post! Good luck chasing her around... :P

Hold on to your britches...she's mobile! They crawl faster than an average human runs!! And watch the stairs...roll over on the tummy, slide down. Gymboree...I got stuff out of it too! :)

Babyproofing my home scares me more (seriously!) than just about anything else! Well, except the delivery. Yikes.

In no time at all, she'll be asking you for the car keys. Enjoy -- no, cherish -- every day. They go by far too quickly.

So gorgeous. And don't you mean "Welcome to the world of mobility, KERRI"????

so cute!

Wow what a gorgeous girl you've got there! And those mobility-months-of-getting-used-to-it are so much fun!

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