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Dancing on the Beach.

Jeff Hitchcock described the Marco Island conference to me as "kids dancing on the beach."  Because I had only attended the Friends for Life conferences in Orlando, I didn't really have a sense of what that meant.   

But after spending a few days in Marco Island, Florida (leaving behind a foot of snow on our back deck, thank you very much), and seeing how the families of people with diabetes pull together emotionally and help one another deal with this disease as a supportive group, I am re-inspired.  I ended 2010 in a diabetes funk, with an A1C I was struggling with and some mega burnout.  Quality time with some of my fellow PWDs, caregivers of kids with diabetes, my husband, and my daughter, and a healthy dose of sunshine and warm sand has helped me feel a little readier to take better control of my health.

2010 was a year of intense focus on my health, on adjusting to our new lives as parents, and managing the ebb and flow of two writers circling like sharks in the same house.  I'm hoping that 2011 will be a year of quiet peace, big grins, and nurtured relationships.

So here's to dancing on the beach (with or without your sassy fried egg hat)!

Immediately after the shutter clicked, she burped in my ear.  Love this kid.


What a perfect picture of BSparl! What an inspiration!

Happy New Year, Kerri, and thank you so much for letting us into your life. As someone with limited human support, you have helped me so many times by sharing your stories and being honest; it has been wonderful to be a part of your journey. All the best for 2011!


Awesome, awesome post. Perfect for the new year...thanks Kerri!

Thanks Kerri! You've had quite a year. As we leave the season of Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, red velvet cheese cake, and other tempting goodies, I'm suffering a bit of diabetic burn out myself. May the new year bring us all renewed commitments to our collective health.

BSparl's pretty cute too!

That picture is perfectly awesome. What a way to welcome in 2011!

Here's to a new year!

Wow, she is looking gorgeous. I wanted to also say that you are even more of an inspiration after your honesty last week. My son, Frank, has had Type 1 for two years now and he is now only four years old. Seeing you be so honest about the struggle it can be helps so much. I know tough times may be ahead but with honesty we can look them in the eye.
Your writing is invaluable for me. The cute dimpled baby pics are pretty darn good too! Much love from the UK.

How cool! I didn't know that Marco Island conference existed. (Probably because I'm 29 and kinda missed the whole Children With Diabetes deal) but it seems like it's something that us grown up folk could be a part of too? I'll have to check it out for next year!

Holy moly BSparl is gorgeous! You should give seminars on how to make incredibly beautiful babies. Wait. That sounded MUCH better in my head. Hopefully you get what I'm saying without the bow-chicka-wow-wow undertones. :D

Thanks for being an inspiration for more than just living with diabetes!

Kerri, I think you're holding up remarkably well considering the crazy year it was last year. Gotta have those rough years to appreciate the good ones, right?? Glad to hear that a good dose of Vitamin D helped. Jealous. Very jealous.


I'm sorry, I can't get past that adorable pic to read any of the rest of this. Hope mine comes out as cute as BSparl! :)

Sun, sand, BSparl, CSparl and a bunch of PWDs and their families sounds like the perfect panacea. (See, I remembered my new word from our Tweets a while ago - lol) Here's to starting fresh in the New Year!!

I know exactly what you mean minus that I haven't had a baby recently- Marco helped recharge my diabetes management batteries! It is also so inspiring to see you so happy and healthy with a beautiful family. :-)

Kerri... You are such a gift! I just had my first baby about a week ago so I'm getting caught up on what's been going on with you and the blog. I'm just so grateful to have your experience of all things baby and now post-baby to inspire me in this new year! Life with type 1 and a new baby is proving to be my best adventure yet!!! And can I just say that Bsparl is just about the cutest gal ever... And i can say that because wee had a little boy :) All the best to you in 2011.... Cheers!!!


I miss the warm, sandy, no-snow having beaches ALMOST as much as I miss that baby.

I'm so glad that it helped yu feel better too.

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