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"The National Board of Review, widely considered a harbinger of the Academy Awards, has chosen 'The Social Network' as the best film of the year," says the Associated Press.  And I'm very proud to say that they also chose Chris Sparling's script for Buried as Best Original Screenplay

"One of the group's most surprising choices was picking Chris Sparling's 'Buried' script for best original screenplay. The film, an exercise in minimalism, stars Ryan Reynolds as a contract worker in Iraq taken hostage and buried alive in a coffin — the cramped setting of the entire movie."

Yay Chris!  As always, I'm so proud of you.   :)


Congrats ... what an accomplishment!! My girlfriend and I are going to go see Buried when our schedules coincide ... can't wait!! On an unrelated note ... any idea how I can get a copy of Kevin's spreadsheet you mentioned in your 'A1C Payoff' post on 09/10/09? I have posted a request on his blog, but it appears he does not check it frequently. I am eager for an A1C payoff even though my husband and I have been given the green light on pregnancy. Would love to hear from you if you have time.

I was going to write a comment in your other post today saying WOWZA! I was reading an article about these fancy-schmancy awards and saw his name, which I had seen so many times here. Cheers!

Try very hard to keep your feet on the floor.
I'm so very tickled for both of you.


Wow, that is simply spectacular to endless degrees of awesomeness. Congrats to Chris, and to you! Still can't wait to see it and this makes the viewing anticipation jump up and down with anticipation.

That is so COOL! Congrats to Chris.

That is so awesome!! Congrats to Chris! And you :) I'm so bummed that I have yet to see it though. Stupid NY theaters!!


"One of the group's most surprising choices"???? Heck no!! Your husband is brilliant - no surprise there. :) Congrats from The Knitter!

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