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Dear Birdzone,

(Yes, your father has given you yet another nickname.  "Birdy" has somehow morphed into asking you "Are you in the zone?" and then answering that goofy question with "BIRDZONE!")

Today, you are eight months old.  You have officially been "out" as long as you were "in."  And between this month and last, you've become like, this actual BABY.  Not an infant, not a little baby bird, but a real deal baby looking creature with chubby legs and a round, little face.

For a few weeks, you were a bit on the petite side, weight-wise, and I think that's partially due to the fact that we delayed introducing solid foods to you until you were almost six months old.  For one pediatrician visit, you were on the particularly peanut-side of things, and we were pretty much told to pack you full o' food.  That we did, and you gained two pounds in a month, bringing you up to range.  You're still a little lady - 25th percentile overall - but you eat like a champ and you seem healthy as a tiny little bird ... horse?  A bird horse.

About a week ago, you busted out with your first word:  "Dada."  But I think you noticed that I was a little bummed because you didn't say "mama," so you let fly with that word the next day.  Now you rock back and forth on your hands and knees on the floor, babbling about "Dada" and "Mama" and "baba" and "Dinosaur Train."   You don't say our names readily yet, but now that you can make the sounds and you know who we are ("Where's Daddy?" and you whip your head towards him.), I'm sure you're going to start talking for real. 

You are getting loooong, kiddo.  You are just about ready to poke your toes through your size 6 month clothes, so we're going to shove you into the 9 month size any day now.  I packed up a lot of your "6 month and under" clothes last week, and while it made me sad that my baby girl is getting bigger so quickly, I was so proud that you were getting bigger and stronger.

BSparl at eight months old

You are on the verge of crawling.  And teething.  And the combination of these "almosts" makes you more than happy to creep across the floor and then try to eat my face.  So far this week alone, you've head-butted me twice in the lip and once in the temple, making me realize that your head is as solid as mine.  ;)

Your giggles are contagious.  You make these weird ninja noises sometimes that crack us all up because you sound so serious about it.  ("Hiiiii-yaaaaaa!")  You thought the arrival of the Christmas tree and all the lights was the most amazing thing ever, and your next mission seems to be eating the tree itself.  Also, you think Siah is your personal chew toy, and whenever I turn my head for even a second, you are trying to lick her.  (Note to BSparl:  Siah will not take kindly to your advances.  Seriously.  Leave her alone before she trounces you.)

This month, we'll celebrate our first Christmas as a trio, and I can't wait to watch the holidays unfold through your eyes.  Your dada and your mama love you so, so much, and you are our favorite birdzone of all time.

Love always,


WOW, your writing just took me back 9 years Kerri. Thank You. It is such a special time indeed...Baby's First Christmas.

P.S. I love this age. They are so adorable and social!


I canNOT believe she's already 8 months old! She is so, so beautiful!

She is seriously adorable!

She is quite the fantastical BZ!
And honestly Kerri, she's so damn cute!

Adorable Bird... she's Birdorable!

Everybody thinks their kids are the cutest kids ever. I am a mom of two. I just want to clarify that your little bird may actually be the cutest kid ever. Enjoy!

Check out www.prairiecreations.com I got one for each daughter a few years ago and I wear their little prints as a necklace now. Great, great gift for the mommy!

She is so precious!!!! I hope you have a great Christmas!!!

Love the bow! Here's wishing you all a fabulous first Christmas together!

Good GOD, Kerri, you're daughter is so cute it's hard to look at her directly! You just must want to burst sometimes. :)

Could you please tell your daughter to turn her cuteness down a notch or two for these pictures? She makes me just want to reach into the screen and cuddle her. She's just so gorgeous & happy! :)

OMG, what a darling child. I want to eat her with a spoon!!!

I am also jealous of such a stable 12 hours...I always seem to be up then down and I try really hard. IS it due to using symlin? What is the secret to your day?

She is just precious! Be sure you take the time to gaze at her and be mindful of her at just the stage she's in because it goes by so fast! My son is now 37, and I have many (but not enough) remembrances of his infancy and childhood!
So now I hug my cats instead!

Natalie ._c-

She's beautiful, just like her mom.

The cats do not take kindly to your referring to yourselves as a "TRIO!"

Totally off topic, but my daughter loves that book that your daughter is "reading" in the picture. I hate the lack of plot---haha. Anyway, she's darling, K!

Kerri,I am 18 weeks pregnant (I emailed you a while back for an OB rec-I am seeing Dr Takoudes after all!)
and have been reading all of your posts from your pregnancy. So helpful and reassuring for me. Seeing your beautiful little girl makes me feel even better. THANK YOU!!

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