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Christmas Pizza?

In the North End tonight, we saw a really intricate nativity scene set up in a cafe, complete with little animated figurines and a sprawling city scene.  The detail was amazing: the manger was all set up, the wise men were en route, and the miniature city of Bethlehem was bustling with activity.  

Including the pizza guys, making pizza for the baby Jesus.  Which cracked me up, for some reason.

Pizza pies for the son of God?


What? You don't remember that part? :)

P.S. I had pizza for dinner - 'tis the season!

Ironic that you post this. Our KidsChurch instructor today taught our three and four year olds, of course, about the angel telling Mary about Jesus, and he definitely mentioned:
"Nope... Mary did not say she wanted a pizza. She said, 'yes God, I will!'"

So, this totally cracked me up.

You don't remember that part in the bible? C'mon Kerri, it's in all the Christmas songs! :)

Once, teaching adult Sunday school, we were speculating what manna might have been like. I noted that I couldn't think of many foods that could be all four food groups. Then, having a thought, I said "Except pizza...." I was teased about this for years. :)

I suspect this is not what the artist had in mind, but: remember that the typical "bread" of that time and place was more like pita bread and less like Wonder Bread. These might have been large loaves of pita-like bread (or even foccacia) meant to be shared amongst an entire family (as in, "breaking bread").

Wow...that thing is amazing! So beautiful.

I craved pizza when I went into labor...why not Mary too?

I'm sure it's in there somewhere :)

Ok, well they were traveling. I guess they had to eat somewhere.

Yea, I remember the story..After the three wise men dropped of their gifts of Gold,Frankincense & Myrrh, Joesph said "please stay for dinner...I'll cook up a pizza...it's the least I can do.

12" to a pie (at least a regular) and 12 days of Christmas - coincidence? I think not.

We have brunch for "official" Christmas dinner, and then have blood sugar busting homemade pizza in the late afternoon. Gonna try whole wheat crust this year to see if I do any better.

Momma Mia Thatsa Jesus!

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