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I had BSparl's car seat nestled into the bucket of the shopping cart, since she's still too small to sit upright in the seat.  She was buckled in and playing with her little bird toy (we like to be redundant), grinning at anyone who made eye contact with her as we walked through the store.

"Okay birdie, we're almost done here.  Just have to grab two more things and we're out of here.  You doing okay in there?"

She waved the bird toy in the air and babbled at me.  "Ba ba ba ba!"  (Translation: Yes.  Let's go home so I can try and lick Siah's ear.  Again.)

"Just hold tight and we're almost done."  

I pushed the cart through the last aisle and then headed to the front of the store to check out.  I steered the cart in behind a guy about my age, wearing a baseball cap and carrying a paper bag filled with apples.

BSparl continued to wave her hands around and smile at me, banging the bird toy against the car seat housing.  I couldn't help myself.

"You are so CUTE!  So cute!!" I said to her, loudly, clapping my hands.

The guy in front of me jumped a mile, turning around awkwardly with a "Who, me?" look on his face and jostling his bag of apples against the counter.  A few rolled down behind us and skipped out into the shopping aisles as we stared at one another in red-faced silence. 

BSparl laughed.

Oh, the awkward.



He wouldn't have jumped if he hadn't noticed you and thought you were pretty smokin'. Just saying...

I grabbed the wrong persons butt at a concert one time, it happens:)

That's too funny and I promise it won't be the last awkward grocery store moment. When Taylor was 2 we were shopping and as we passed the bar soap he said, "Mom, we need soap." Without thinking I replied, "No we don't hon, we don't use soap." just as a lady walked by. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head.
BTW, we use shower gel.

hahahaha this is hilarious. i love your life :)

That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time! The best things happen to you!

You have to be kidding me? He really thought you were talking to him in that tone? Good Lord.

Price. Less.

Totes Awk. LOL Totes.

So funny! I remember telling my dear son, in my very serious mummy voice, to stop playing with a dinosaur toy(which roared loudly). When the loud roaring continued I went into cross mummy mode and said 'Please put that down NOW' only to find I was reprimanding two stunned looking shop assistants who were tidying up roaring dinosaurs!

Hee-hee. When I was pregnant I was one of those people who had a super-huge belly and nothing else. It was ninety degrees and I was walking to the store, shorts and tee shirt and long hair down to my waist.

Two college boys came up behind me in a car, whisting and yelling, until they drew even and saw my 8.5 month mega-beach-ball belly. I swear their jaws touched the pavement.

I like to think they're still in therapy ;)

Thanks for the laugh!

Haha! That's up there with hearing the cgm beep, digging around in my bra for it- then noticing some store clerk staring the entire time! Was it the digging in the bra or thinking that I'm shoplifting, I wonder....

I found this necklace and thought of you. Maybe you're little birdie can borrow her dad's credit card and get it for you for christmas.

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